gambas  3.15.2
About: Gambas is a graphical development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, a bit like Visual Basic (requires Qt).
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Gambas Almost Means BASIC

GAMBAS is a free implementation of a graphical development environment based on a BASIC interpreter and a full development platform. It is very inspired by Visual Basic and Java.

Go to to get more information: how to compile and install it, where to find binary packages, how to report a bug...

Go to for the language documentation.

The following pieces of code were borrowed and adapted:

  • The natural string comparison algorithme was adapted from the algorithm made by Martin Pol. See for more details.

  • The hash table implementation was adapted from the glib one.

  • The HTML entities parsing in gb.gtk comes from KHTML sources.

  • The gb.image.effect sources are adapted from KDE 3 image effect routines.

  • The gb.clipper library embeds the Clipper library. See for mode details.

  • The function that computes the easter day of a specific year uses an algorithm made by Aloysius Lilius And Christophorus Clavius.

  • The blurring algoritm is based on the 'StackBlur' algorithm made by Mario Klingemann. See for more details.

If I forget some borrowed code in the list above, just tell me.

Enjoy Gambas!