fricas  1.3.8
About: FriCAS is an computer algebra system. Its capabilities range from calculus (integration and differentiation) to abstract algebra (a fork of "Axiom").
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FriCAS is a general purpose computer algebra system (CAS).

For installation instructions see INSTALL. For general documentation consult

The basic goal of FriCAS is to create a free advanced world-class CAS. In 2007 FriCAS forked from Axiom. Currently the FriCAS algebra library is one of the largest and most advanced free general purpose computer algebra systems -- this gives a good foundation to build on. Additionally, the FriCAS algebra library is written in a high level strongly typed language (Spad), which allows natural expression of mathematical algorithms. This makes FriCAS easier to understand and extend.

FriCAS uses lightweight development methodology. Compared to Axiom, FriCAS is significantly restructured -- it is more portable and fixed several defects. FriCAS removed rather large unused parts (without removing functionality).

Current development goals:

  • continue structural improvements
  • add new mathematical algorithms
  • develop better user interface
  • develop improved Spad compiler
  • make it easier for external programs to interface with FriCAS
  • support for using external mathematical routines from Spad