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About: FreeRADIUS Client is a framework and library for writing RADIUS clients.
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The FreeRADIUS client




FreeRADIUS Client is a framework and library for writing RADIUS Clients which additionally includes radlogin, a flexible RADIUS aware login replacement, a command line program to send RADIUS accounting records and a utility to query the status of a (Merit) RADIUS server.

All these programs are based on a library which lets you develop a RADIUS-aware application in less than 50 lines of C code.

The most current documentation is available online at:

It is highly portable and runs on Linux, many BSD variants and Solaris.

FreeRADIUS Client is known to compile on the following platforms:

  • Compiled on:
    • i386-pc-bsdi2.1
    • sparc-unknown-netbsd1.2.1
    • i386-unknown-freebsd2.2.6
  • Compiled and tested on:
    • x86 Linux
    • x86_64 Linux
    • sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1

2. Security note

This code has not yet been fully audited by the FreeRADIUS project, as it has only recently been adopted by the FreeRADIUS project to continue development and support. Any security related issues should be reported to the project either via email:

security at freeradius dot org

or via the FreeRADIUS bugtracker:

As is the case with any open-source project, patches in addition to bug reports are always welcome.

Additional Security related information on the FreeRADIUS project: