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SnapinJob Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 cancel ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FOGController
 __construct ($data='')
 __destruct ()
 __toString ()
 get ($key='')
 set ($key, $value)
 add ($key, $value)
 remove ($key, $value)
 save ()
 load ($key='id')
 getcolumns (&$fields)
 destroy ($key='id')
 key (&$key)
 isValid ()
 buildQuery (&$join, &$whereArrayAnd, &$c, $not=false, $compare='=')
 setQuery (&$queryData)
 getManager ()
 assocSetter ($assocItem, $alterItem='', $implicitCall=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
 __construct ()
 orderBy (&$orderBy)

Protected Member Functions

 loadSnapintasks ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FOGController
 loadItem ($key)
 addRemItem ($key, $array, $array_type)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
 isLoaded ($key)
 setRequest ()
 sendData ( $datatosend, $service=true, $array=array())

Protected Attributes

 $databaseTable = 'snapinJobs'
- Protected Attributes inherited from FOGController
 $data = array()
 $autoSave = false
 $databaseTable = ''
 $databaseFields = array()
 $databaseFieldsRequired = array()
 $additionalFields = array()
 $databaseFieldsFlipped = array()
 $aliasedFields = array()
 $databaseFieldClassRelationships = array()
 $loadQueryTemplate = 'SELECT %s FROM `%s` %s WHERE `%s`=%s %s'
 $insertQueryTemplate = 'INSERT INTO `%s` (%s) VALUES (%s) %s %s'
 $destroyQueryTemplate = 'DELETE FROM `%s` WHERE %s=%s%s'
- Protected Attributes inherited from FOGBase
 $isLoaded = array()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
static getClass ($class, $data='', $props=false)
static getHostItem ( $service=true, $encoded=false, $hostnotrequired=false, $returnmacs=false, $override=false, $mac=false)
static getAllBlamedNodes ($Host)
static niceDate ($date='now', $utc=false)
static formatTime ($time, $format=false, $utc=false)
static createSecToken ()
static aesencrypt ( $data, $key=false, $enctype='aes-256-cbc')
static aesdecrypt ( $encdata, $key=false, $enctype='aes-128-cbc')
static parseMacList ( $stringlist, $image=false, $client=false)
static getSubObjectIDs ( $object='Host', $findWhere=array(), $getField='id', $not=false, $operator='AND', $orderBy='name', $groupBy=false, $filter='array_unique')
static getSetting ($key)
static setSetting ($key, $value)
static getQueuedStates ()
static getQueuedState ()
static getCheckedInState ()
static getProgressState ()
static getCompleteState ()
static getCancelledState ()
static stringBetween ($string, $start, $end)
static stripAndDecode (&$item)
static getMasterInterface ($ip_find)
static lasterror ()
static getFilesize ($path)
static wakeUp ($macs)
static fastmerge ($array1)
static getHash ($file)
static attemptLogin ($username, $password)
static clearMACLookupTable ()
static getMACLookupCount ()
static resolveHostname ($host)
static getBroadcast ()
static randWait ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from FOGBase
static $locale = ''
static $fogpingactive = false
static $fogdeleteactive = false
static $fogexportactive = false
static $pendingMACs = 0
static $pendingHosts = 0
static $defaultscreen = ''
static $pluginsinstalled = array()
static $useragent
static $foglang
static $ajax = false
static $post = false
static $service = false
static $json = false
static $newService = false
static $scriptname
static $querystring
static $httpreqwith
static $reqmethod
static $remoteaddr
static $httpreferer
static $mySchema = 0
static $showhtml = true
static $httpproto = false
static $httphost = ''
static $Host = null
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
static getActivePlugins ()
static fatalError ($txt, $data=array())
static error ($txt, $data=array())
static debug ($txt, $data=array())
static info ($txt, $data=array())
static setMessage ($txt, $data=array())
static getMessages ()
static redirect ($url='')
static arrayInsertBefore ( $key, array &$array, $new_key, $new_value)
static arrayInsertAfter ( $key, array &$array, $new_key, $new_value)
static arrayRemove ($key, array &$array)
static arrayFind ( $needle, array $haystack, $ignorecase=false)
static resetRequest ()
static formatByteSize ($size)
static getGlobalModuleStatus ($names=false, $keys=false)
static validDate ($date, $format='')
static pluralize ($count, $text, $space=false)
static diff ($start, $end, $ago=false)
static humanify ($diff, $unit)
static arrayChangeKey (array &$array, $old_key, $new_key)
static byteconvert ($kilobytes)
static hex2bin ($hex)
static certEncrypt ($data)
static certDecrypt ($dataArr, $padding=true)
static arrayStrpos ($haystack, $needles, $case=true)
static log ( $txt, $curlog, $logfile, $logbrow, $obj, $level=1)
static logHistory ($string)
static getIPAddress ($force=false)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from FOGBase
static $strlen
static $debug = false
static $info = false
static $buildSelectBox
static $selected
static $DB
static $FOGFTP
static $FOGCore
static $EventManager
static $HookManager
static $TimeZone
static $FOGUser
static $FOGPageManager
static $FOGURLRequests
static $FOGSubMenu
static $ips = array()
static $interface = array()
static $searchPages

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file snapinjob.class.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cancel()

SnapinJob::cancel ( )

Cancel's the current job.


Definition at line 95 of file snapinjob.class.php.

References FOGController\getManager().

◆ loadSnapintasks()

SnapinJob::loadSnapintasks ( )

Load tasks


Definition at line 82 of file snapinjob.class.php.

References FOGBase\getSubObjectIDs().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $additionalFields

Initial value:
= array(

Definition at line 55 of file snapinjob.class.php.

◆ $databaseFieldClassRelationships

Initial value:
= array(
'Host' => array(
'TaskState' => array(

Definition at line 65 of file snapinjob.class.php.

◆ $databaseFields

Initial value:
= array(
'id' => 'sjID',
'hostID' => 'sjHostID',
'stateID' => 'sjStateID',
'createdTime' => 'sjCreateTime',

Definition at line 35 of file snapinjob.class.php.

◆ $databaseFieldsRequired

Initial value:
= array(

Definition at line 46 of file snapinjob.class.php.

◆ $databaseTable

SnapinJob::$databaseTable = 'snapinJobs'

Definition at line 29 of file snapinjob.class.php.

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