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About: FOG is a Linux-based network computer cloning solution for Windows, Mac OSX and various Linux distributions that ties together a few open-source tools with a PHP-based web interface. FOG doesn’t use any boot disks, or CDs; everything is done via TFTP and PXE.
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DatabaseManager Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static establish ()
static getLink ()
static getDB ()
static getColumns ( $table_name, $column_name)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FOGCore
static systemUptime ()
static getHWInfo ()
static setEnv ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
static getClass ($class, $data='', $props=false)
static getHostItem ( $service=true, $encoded=false, $hostnotrequired=false, $returnmacs=false, $override=false, $mac=false)
static getAllBlamedNodes ($Host)
static niceDate ($date='now', $utc=false)
static formatTime ($time, $format=false, $utc=false)
static createSecToken ()
static aesencrypt ( $data, $key=false, $enctype='aes-256-cbc')
static aesdecrypt ( $encdata, $key=false, $enctype='aes-128-cbc')
static parseMacList ( $stringlist, $image=false, $client=false)
static getSubObjectIDs ( $object='Host', $findWhere=array(), $getField='id', $not=false, $operator='AND', $orderBy='name', $groupBy=false, $filter='array_unique')
static getSetting ($key)
static setSetting ($key, $value)
static getQueuedStates ()
static getQueuedState ()
static getCheckedInState ()
static getProgressState ()
static getCompleteState ()
static getCancelledState ()
static stringBetween ($string, $start, $end)
static stripAndDecode (&$item)
static getMasterInterface ($ip_find)
static lasterror ()
static getFilesize ($path)
static wakeUp ($macs)
static fastmerge ($array1)
static getHash ($file)
static attemptLogin ($username, $password)
static clearMACLookupTable ()
static getMACLookupCount ()
static resolveHostname ($host)
static getBroadcast ()
static randWait ()

Static Private Member Functions

static _getVersion ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
 __construct ()
 __toString ()
 orderBy (&$orderBy)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from FOGBase
static $locale = ''
static $fogpingactive = false
static $fogdeleteactive = false
static $fogexportactive = false
static $pendingMACs = 0
static $pendingHosts = 0
static $defaultscreen = ''
static $pluginsinstalled = array()
static $useragent
static $foglang
static $ajax = false
static $post = false
static $service = false
static $json = false
static $newService = false
static $scriptname
static $querystring
static $httpreqwith
static $reqmethod
static $remoteaddr
static $httpreferer
static $mySchema = 0
static $showhtml = true
static $httpproto = false
static $httphost = ''
static $Host = null
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
 isLoaded ($key)
 setRequest ()
 sendData ( $datatosend, $service=true, $array=array())
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from FOGBase
static getActivePlugins ()
static fatalError ($txt, $data=array())
static error ($txt, $data=array())
static debug ($txt, $data=array())
static info ($txt, $data=array())
static setMessage ($txt, $data=array())
static getMessages ()
static redirect ($url='')
static arrayInsertBefore ( $key, array &$array, $new_key, $new_value)
static arrayInsertAfter ( $key, array &$array, $new_key, $new_value)
static arrayRemove ($key, array &$array)
static arrayFind ( $needle, array $haystack, $ignorecase=false)
static resetRequest ()
static formatByteSize ($size)
static getGlobalModuleStatus ($names=false, $keys=false)
static validDate ($date, $format='')
static pluralize ($count, $text, $space=false)
static diff ($start, $end, $ago=false)
static humanify ($diff, $unit)
static arrayChangeKey (array &$array, $old_key, $new_key)
static byteconvert ($kilobytes)
static hex2bin ($hex)
static certEncrypt ($data)
static certDecrypt ($dataArr, $padding=true)
static arrayStrpos ($haystack, $needles, $case=true)
static log ( $txt, $curlog, $logfile, $logbrow, $obj, $level=1)
static logHistory ($string)
static getIPAddress ($force=false)
- Protected Attributes inherited from FOGBase
 $isLoaded = array()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from FOGBase
static $strlen
static $debug = false
static $info = false
static $buildSelectBox
static $selected
static $DB
static $FOGFTP
static $FOGCore
static $EventManager
static $HookManager
static $TimeZone
static $FOGUser
static $FOGPageManager
static $FOGURLRequests
static $FOGSubMenu
static $ips = array()
static $interface = array()
static $searchPages

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file databasemanager.class.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _getVersion()

static DatabaseManager::_getVersion ( )

Get's the schema version as stored in the DB.


Definition at line 190 of file databasemanager.class.php.

References FOGBase\$mySchema.

Referenced by establish().

◆ establish()

static DatabaseManager::establish ( )

Initiate the connection to the database.


Certain scripts don't use the database at all so we skip connecting to the DB entirely for those.

If the db is already connected, return immediately.

Establish connection.

Check our caller to see if it's of service or status dir call.

If it is, and we don't have a link and the script is not using dbrunning, inform the calling script that the db is unavailable.

Get the version

If the installed schema is greater than or equal to the installed version, return immediately.

The sub get caller.

Files that are okay to get

The script filename

If the filename is okay, just perform our redirect.

If we are not already redirected to schema updater, perform our redirect.

The subs we allow some form of passthru

If sub is in the passthru, set the test to true.

If the test is true let people know the db is unavailable for now, as the db needs an update.

If the caller is requiring json send the data in json format.

Otherwise just print the #!db flag.

Definition at line 31 of file databasemanager.class.php.

References $test, _getVersion(), exit, and FOGBase\redirect().

Referenced by LoadGlobals\_init().

◆ getColumns()

static DatabaseManager::getColumns (   $table_name,

Get columns from table testing for a specific column name

string$table_namethe table to search
string$column_namethe column to search

Definition at line 210 of file databasemanager.class.php.

Referenced by FOGCore\setEnv().

◆ getDB()

static DatabaseManager::getDB ( )

Returns the DB object


Definition at line 181 of file databasemanager.class.php.

References FOGBase\$DB.

Referenced by LoadGlobals\_init().

◆ getLink()

static DatabaseManager::getLink ( )

Returns the DB Link object


Definition at line 172 of file databasemanager.class.php.

Referenced by SchemaUpdaterPage\indexPost(), and FOGService\waitDbReady().

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