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zutil.c File Reference
#include "zutil.h"
#include "gzguts.h"
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struct  internal_state


char * zlibVersion ()
uLong zlibCompileFlags ()
char * zError (int err)
void zmemcpy (Bytef *dest, Bytef *source, uInt len)
int zmemcmp (Bytef *s1, Bytef *s2, uInt len)
void zmemzero (Bytef *dest, uInt len)
voidp malloc ()
voidp calloc ()
void free ()
voidpf zcalloc (voidpf opaque, unsigned items, unsigned size)
void zcfree (voidpf opaque, voidpf ptr)


char * z_errmsg [10]

Function Documentation

◆ calloc()

◆ free()

void free ( )

Referenced by zcfree().

◆ malloc()

voidp malloc ( )

Referenced by zcalloc().

◆ zcalloc()

voidpf zcalloc ( voidpf  opaque,
unsigned  items,
unsigned  size 

Definition at line 304 of file zutil.c.

References calloc(), and malloc().

Referenced by deflateInit2_(), inflateBackInit_(), and inflateInit2_().

◆ zcfree()

void zcfree ( voidpf  opaque,
voidpf  ptr 

Definition at line 314 of file zutil.c.

References free().

Referenced by deflateInit2_(), inflateBackInit_(), and inflateInit2_().

◆ zError()

char* zError ( int  err)

Definition at line 136 of file zutil.c.

References ERR_MSG.

◆ zlibCompileFlags()

uLong zlibCompileFlags ( )

Definition at line 35 of file zutil.c.

References z_off_t.

◆ zlibVersion()

char* zlibVersion ( )

Definition at line 30 of file zutil.c.

References ZLIB_VERSION.

◆ zmemcmp()

int zmemcmp ( Bytef s1,
Bytef s2,
uInt  len 

Definition at line 163 of file zutil.c.

◆ zmemcpy()

void zmemcpy ( Bytef dest,
Bytef source,
uInt  len 

◆ zmemzero()

void zmemzero ( Bytef dest,
uInt  len 

Definition at line 176 of file zutil.c.

Referenced by fill_window().

Variable Documentation

◆ z_errmsg

char* z_errmsg[10]
Initial value:
= {
"need dictionary",
"stream end",
"file error",
"stream error",
"data error",
"insufficient memory",
"buffer error",
"incompatible version",

Definition at line 17 of file zutil.c.