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math.h File Reference
#include <math.h>
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#define fl_math_h
#define fl_math_h_cyclic_include
#define M_PI   3.14159265358979323846
#define M_PI_2   1.57079632679489661923
#define M_PI_4   0.78539816339744830962
#define M_1_PI   0.31830988618379067154
#define M_2_PI   0.63661977236758134308
#define M_SQRT2   1.41421356237309504880
#define M_SQRT1_2   0.70710678118654752440

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ fl_math_h

#define fl_math_h

Definition at line 26 of file math.h.

◆ fl_math_h_cyclic_include

#define fl_math_h_cyclic_include

Definition at line 28 of file math.h.

◆ M_1_PI

#define M_1_PI   0.31830988618379067154

Definition at line 41 of file math.h.

◆ M_2_PI

#define M_2_PI   0.63661977236758134308

Definition at line 42 of file math.h.

◆ M_PI

#define M_PI   3.14159265358979323846

Definition at line 38 of file math.h.

◆ M_PI_2

#define M_PI_2   1.57079632679489661923

Definition at line 39 of file math.h.

◆ M_PI_4

#define M_PI_4   0.78539816339744830962

Definition at line 40 of file math.h.

◆ M_SQRT1_2

#define M_SQRT1_2   0.70710678118654752440

Definition at line 47 of file math.h.


#define M_SQRT2   1.41421356237309504880

Definition at line 46 of file math.h.