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About: FLTK (Fast Light Tool Kit) is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX/Linux (X11), Microsoft Windows, and MacOS X.
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mac.H File Reference
#include <FL/Fl_Widget.H>
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class  Fl_Mac_App_Menu


typedef class FLWindow * Window
typedef struct flCocoaRegion * Fl_Region
typedef struct CGContext * CGContextRef
typedef struct OpaquePMPrintSettings * PMPrintSettings
typedef struct OpaquePMPageFormat * PMPageFormat
typedef struct OpaquePMPrintSession * PMPrintSession
typedef struct CGImage * CGImageRef
typedef struct __CFData * CFMutableDataRef
typedef CGContextRef Fl_Offscreen
typedef CGImageRef Fl_Bitmask


Window fl_xid (const Fl_Window *)
Fl_Windowfl_find (Window xid)
void fl_clip_region (Fl_Region)
Fl_Bitmask fl_create_bitmask (int w, int h, const uchar *data)
Fl_Bitmask fl_create_alphamask (int w, int h, int d, int ld, const uchar *data)
void fl_delete_bitmask (Fl_Bitmask bm)
Fl_Offscreen fl_create_offscreen (int w, int h)
void fl_copy_offscreen (int x, int y, int w, int h, Fl_Offscreen gWorld, int srcx, int srcy)
void fl_delete_offscreen (Fl_Offscreen gWorld)
void fl_begin_offscreen (Fl_Offscreen gWorld)
void fl_end_offscreen ()
int fl_parse_color (const char *p, uchar &r, uchar &g, uchar &b)
void fl_open_display ()
void fl_open_callback (void(*cb)(const char *))
 Register a function called for each file dropped onto an application icon. cb will be called with a single Unix-style file name and path. If multiple files were dropped, cb will be called multiple times. More...
void fl_mac_set_about (Fl_Callback *cb, void *user_data, int shortcut=0)
 Attaches a callback to the "About myprog" item of the system application menu. More...


CGContextRef fl_gc
int fl_mac_os_version
 The version number of the running Mac OS X (e.g., 100604 for 10.6.4) More...
int fl_mac_quit_early
class Fl_Sys_Menu_Barfl_sys_menu_bar

Detailed Description

Mac OS X-specific symbols.

Definition in file mac.H.

Typedef Documentation

◆ CFMutableDataRef

typedef struct __CFData* CFMutableDataRef

Definition at line 44 of file mac.H.

◆ CGContextRef

typedef struct CGContext* CGContextRef

Definition at line 39 of file mac.H.

◆ CGImageRef

typedef struct CGImage* CGImageRef

Definition at line 43 of file mac.H.

◆ Fl_Bitmask

Definition at line 241 of file mac.H.

◆ Fl_Offscreen

Definition at line 45 of file mac.H.

◆ Fl_Region

typedef struct flCocoaRegion* Fl_Region

Definition at line 38 of file mac.H.

◆ PMPageFormat

typedef struct OpaquePMPageFormat* PMPageFormat

Definition at line 41 of file mac.H.

◆ PMPrintSession

typedef struct OpaquePMPrintSession* PMPrintSession

Definition at line 42 of file mac.H.

◆ PMPrintSettings

typedef struct OpaquePMPrintSettings* PMPrintSettings

Definition at line 40 of file mac.H.

◆ Window

typedef class FLWindow* Window

Definition at line 32 of file mac.H.

Function Documentation

◆ fl_begin_offscreen()

◆ fl_create_alphamask()

Fl_Bitmask fl_create_alphamask ( int  w,
int  h,
int  d,
int  ld,
const uchar data 

Definition at line 170 of file Fl_Bitmap.cxx.

◆ fl_create_bitmask()

Fl_Bitmask fl_create_bitmask ( int  w,
int  h,
const uchar data 

Definition at line 156 of file Fl_Bitmap.cxx.

Referenced by Fl_Pixmap::prepare().

◆ fl_create_offscreen()

◆ fl_delete_bitmask()

void fl_delete_bitmask ( Fl_Bitmask  bm)

Definition at line 161 of file Fl_Bitmap.cxx.

Referenced by Fl_Pixmap::uncache(), and Fl_RGB_Image::uncache().

◆ fl_delete_offscreen()

◆ fl_end_offscreen()

◆ fl_find()

◆ fl_open_display()

◆ fl_parse_color()

int fl_parse_color ( const char *  p,
uchar r,
uchar g,
uchar b 

◆ fl_xid()

Variable Documentation

◆ fl_gc

CGContextRef fl_gc

Definition at line 2568 of file Fl_win32.cxx.

Referenced by Fl_Graphics_Driver::arc(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::circle(), clear_xmap(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::clip_box(), Fl_Xlib_Graphics_Driver::color(), Fl_Window::draw(), Fl_Xlib_Graphics_Driver::draw(), draw_current_rect(), Fl_Image_Surface::draw_decorated_window(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::end_complex_polygon(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::end_line(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::end_points(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::end_polygon(), fl_brush_action(), Fl_Copy_Surface::Fl_Copy_Surface(), fl_mac_draw(), fl_mac_width(), Fl_PostScript_File_Device::Fl_PostScript_File_Device(), fl_read_image(), fl_restore_pen(), fl_save_pen(), fl_scroll(), Fl_Menu_Window::flush(), Fl_Double_Window::flush(), Fl::flush(), Fl_Window::hide(), Fl_Image_Surface::image(), innards(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::line(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::line_style(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::loop(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::not_clipped(), on_printer_extents_update(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::pie(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::point(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::polygon(), Fl_Image_Surface::prepare_(), Fl_Gl_Device_Plugin::print(), Fl_Paged_Device::print_widget(), Fl_Paged_Device::print_window_part(), read_win_rectangle(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::rect(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::rectf(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::restore_clip(), Fl_Xlib_Graphics_Driver::rtl_draw(), Fl_Image_Surface::set_current(), Fl_Copy_Surface::set_current(), set_xmap(), Fl_Xlib_Graphics_Driver::text_extents(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::xyline(), Fl_Graphics_Driver::yxline(), Fl_Copy_Surface::~Fl_Copy_Surface(), and Fl_Image_Surface::~Fl_Image_Surface().