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Fl_Widget_Type Class Referenceabstract

#include <Fl_Type.h>

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Public Member Functions

void setimage (Fluid_Image *)
void setinactive (Fluid_Image *)
 Fl_Widget_Type ()
Fl_Typemake ()
void open ()
const char * extra_code (int n) const
void extra_code (int n, const char *)
const char * subclass () const
void subclass (const char *)
const char * tooltip () const
void tooltip (const char *)
const char * image_name () const
void image_name (const char *)
const char * inactive_name () const
void inactive_name (const char *)
uchar hotspot () const
void hotspot (uchar v)
uchar resizable () const
void resizable (uchar v)
virtual int textstuff (int what, Fl_Font &, int &, Fl_Color &)
virtual Fl_Menu_Itemsubtypes ()
virtual int is_widget () const
virtual int is_public () const
virtual void write_properties ()
virtual void read_property (const char *)
virtual int read_fdesign (const char *, const char *)
virtual Fl_Widgetenter_live_mode (int top=0)
virtual void leave_live_mode ()
virtual void copy_properties ()
virtual void ideal_size (int &w, int &h)
virtual void ideal_spacing (int &x, int &y)
 ~Fl_Widget_Type ()
void redraw ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Fl_Type
const char * callback_name ()
virtual ~Fl_Type ()
void add (Fl_Type *parent)
void insert (Fl_Type *n)
Fl_Typeremove ()
void move_before (Fl_Type *)
virtual const char * title ()
virtual const char * type_name ()=0
virtual const char * alt_type_name ()
const char * name () const
void name (const char *)
const char * label () const
void label (const char *)
const char * callback () const
void callback (const char *)
const char * user_data () const
void user_data (const char *)
const char * user_data_type () const
void user_data_type (const char *)
const char * comment ()
void comment (const char *)
virtual Fl_Typeclick_test (int, int)
virtual void add_child (Fl_Type *, Fl_Type *beforethis)
virtual void move_child (Fl_Type *, Fl_Type *beforethis)
virtual void remove_child (Fl_Type *)
virtual void write ()
void write_comment_h (const char *ind="")
void write_comment_c (const char *ind="")
void write_comment_inline_c (const char *ind=0L)
int msgnum ()
virtual int is_parent () const
virtual int is_button () const
virtual int is_input () const
virtual int is_value_input () const
virtual int is_text_display () const
virtual int is_valuator () const
virtual int is_spinner () const
virtual int is_menu_item () const
virtual int is_menu_button () const
virtual int is_group () const
virtual int is_window () const
virtual int is_code () const
virtual int is_code_block () const
virtual int is_decl_block () const
virtual int is_comment () const
virtual int is_class () const
virtual int pixmapID ()
const char * class_name (const int need_nest) const
const class Fl_Class_Typeis_in_class () const

Public Attributes

const char * xclass
int public_
- Public Attributes inherited from Fl_Type
char new_selected
char selected
char open_
char visible
char rtti
int level
int code_position
int header_position
int code_position_end
int header_position_end

Static Public Attributes

static int default_size = FL_NORMAL_SIZE
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Fl_Type
static Fl_Typefirst
static Fl_Typelast
static Fl_Typecurrent

Protected Member Functions

void write_static ()
void write_code1 ()
void write_widget_code ()
void write_extra_code ()
void write_block_close ()
void write_code2 ()
void write_color (const char *, Fl_Color)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Fl_Type
 Fl_Type ()
int user_defined (const char *cbname) const

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from Fl_Type
const char * name_
const char * label_
const char * callback_
const char * user_data_
const char * user_data_type_
const char * comment_

Private Member Functions

virtual Fl_Widgetwidget (int, int, int, int)=0
virtual Fl_Widget_Type_make ()=0
virtual void setlabel (const char *)

Private Attributes

const char * extra_code_ [4]
const char * subclass_
const char * tooltip_
const char * image_name_
const char * inactive_name_
uchar hotspot_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 374 of file Fl_Type.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Fl_Widget_Type()

Fl_Widget_Type::Fl_Widget_Type ( )

◆ ~Fl_Widget_Type()

Member Function Documentation

◆ _make()

◆ copy_properties()

◆ enter_live_mode()

Fl_Widget * Fl_Widget_Type::enter_live_mode ( int  top = 0)

Build widgets and dataset needed in live mode.

a widget pointer that the live mode initiator can 'show()'
See also

Reimplemented from Fl_Type.

Reimplemented in Fl_Window_Type, Fl_Scroll_Type, Fl_Tabs_Type, Fl_Table_Type, and Fl_Group_Type.

Definition at line 2801 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References copy_properties(), Fl_Widget::h(), live_widget, o, Fl_Widget::w(), widget(), Fl_Widget::x(), and Fl_Widget::y().

Referenced by live_mode_cb().

◆ extra_code() [1/2]

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::extra_code ( int  n) const

◆ extra_code() [2/2]

void Fl_Widget_Type::extra_code ( int  n,
const char *  n 

Definition at line 231 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References extra_code_, and storestring().

◆ hotspot() [1/2]

uchar Fl_Widget_Type::hotspot ( ) const

◆ hotspot() [2/2]

void Fl_Widget_Type::hotspot ( uchar  v)

Definition at line 424 of file Fl_Type.h.

References hotspot_.

◆ ideal_size()

◆ ideal_spacing()

void Fl_Widget_Type::ideal_spacing ( int &  x,
int &  y 

Reimplemented in Fl_Tabs_Type.

Definition at line 85 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References Fl_Widget::labelsize(), o, x, and y.

Referenced by Fl_Window_Type::draw_overlay().

◆ image_name() [1/2]

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::image_name ( ) const

Definition at line 419 of file Fl_Type.h.

References image_name_.

Referenced by read_property(), and write_properties().

◆ image_name() [2/2]

void Fl_Widget_Type::image_name ( const char *  n)

Definition at line 246 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References Fluid_Image::find(), image_name_, setimage(), and storestring().

◆ inactive_name() [1/2]

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::inactive_name ( ) const

Definition at line 421 of file Fl_Type.h.

References inactive_name_.

Referenced by read_property(), and write_properties().

◆ inactive_name() [2/2]

void Fl_Widget_Type::inactive_name ( const char *  n)

Definition at line 251 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References Fluid_Image::find(), inactive_name_, setinactive(), and storestring().

◆ is_public()

int Fl_Widget_Type::is_public ( ) const

Reimplemented from Fl_Type.

Definition at line 53 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References public_.

◆ is_widget()

int Fl_Widget_Type::is_widget ( ) const

◆ leave_live_mode()

void Fl_Widget_Type::leave_live_mode ( )

Release all resources created when entering live mode.

See also

Reimplemented from Fl_Type.

Reimplemented in Fl_Window_Type, and Fl_Group_Type.

Definition at line 2808 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

◆ make()

◆ open()

void Fl_Widget_Type::open ( )

Reimplemented from Fl_Type.

Reimplemented in Fl_Window_Type.

Definition at line 1905 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References load_panel(), make_widget_panel(), numselected, Fl_Window::show(), and the_panel.

Referenced by Fl_Window_Type::handle(), and Fl_Window_Type::open().

◆ read_fdesign()

◆ read_property()

◆ redraw()

◆ resizable() [1/2]

◆ resizable() [2/2]

void Fl_Widget_Type::resizable ( uchar  v)

Definition at line 866 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References Fl_Type::is_window(), o, p, Fl_Widget::parent(), and resizable().

◆ setimage()

void Fl_Widget_Type::setimage ( Fluid_Image i)

◆ setinactive()

void Fl_Widget_Type::setinactive ( Fluid_Image i)

◆ setlabel()

void Fl_Widget_Type::setlabel ( const char *  n)

Reimplemented from Fl_Type.

Reimplemented in Fl_Window_Type.

Definition at line 191 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References Fl_Widget::label(), o, and redraw().

◆ subclass() [1/2]

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::subclass ( ) const

◆ subclass() [2/2]

void Fl_Widget_Type::subclass ( const char *  n)

Definition at line 236 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References redraw_browser(), storestring(), subclass_, and Fl_Type::visible.

◆ subtypes()

◆ textstuff()

◆ tooltip() [1/2]

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::tooltip ( ) const

Definition at line 417 of file Fl_Type.h.

References tooltip_.

Referenced by copy_properties(), read_property(), write_properties(), write_strings(), and write_widget_code().

◆ tooltip() [2/2]

void Fl_Widget_Type::tooltip ( const char *  n)

Definition at line 241 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References o, storestring(), Fl_Widget::tooltip(), and tooltip_.

◆ widget()

◆ write_block_close()

void Fl_Widget_Type::write_block_close ( )

◆ write_code1()

◆ write_code2()

void Fl_Widget_Type::write_code2 ( )

Reimplemented from Fl_Type.

Reimplemented in Fl_Menu_Type, Fl_Menu_Item_Type, Fl_Widget_Class_Type, Fl_Window_Type, and Fl_Group_Type.

Definition at line 2411 of file Fl_Widget_Type.cxx.

References write_block_close(), and write_extra_code().

Referenced by Fl_Menu_Type::write_code2().

◆ write_color()

◆ write_extra_code()

void Fl_Widget_Type::write_extra_code ( )

◆ write_properties()

◆ write_static()

◆ write_widget_code()

void Fl_Widget_Type::write_widget_code ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ default_size

int Fl_Widget_Type::default_size = FL_NORMAL_SIZE

◆ extra_code_

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::extra_code_[4]

Definition at line 379 of file Fl_Type.h.

Referenced by extra_code(), Fl_Widget_Type(), and ~Fl_Widget_Type().

◆ hotspot_

uchar Fl_Widget_Type::hotspot_

Definition at line 384 of file Fl_Type.h.

Referenced by Fl_Widget_Type(), and hotspot().

◆ image

◆ image_name_

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::image_name_

Definition at line 382 of file Fl_Type.h.

Referenced by Fl_Widget_Type(), image_name(), and ~Fl_Widget_Type().

◆ inactive

Fluid_Image* Fl_Widget_Type::inactive

◆ inactive_name_

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::inactive_name_

Definition at line 383 of file Fl_Type.h.

Referenced by Fl_Widget_Type(), inactive_name(), and ~Fl_Widget_Type().

◆ live_widget

◆ o

Fl_Widget* Fl_Widget_Type::o

Definition at line 401 of file Fl_Type.h.

Referenced by active_cb(), Fl_Group_Type::add_child(), Fl_Table_Type::add_child(), Fl_Window_Type::add_child(), align_cb(), align_position_cb(), align_text_image_cb(), border_cb(), box_cb(), Fl_Menu_Type::build_menu(), Fl_Input_Choice_Type::build_menu(), cb(), check_redraw_corresponding_parent(), Fl_Tabs_Type::click_test(), Fl_Menu_Type::click_test(), Fl_Input_Choice_Type::click_test(), color2_cb(), color_cb(), copy_properties(), Fl_Input_Type::copy_properties(), Fl_Pack_Type::copy_properties(), Fl_Scroll_Type::copy_properties(), Fl_Menu_Type::copy_properties(), Fl_Input_Choice_Type::copy_properties(), down_box_cb(), Fl_Window_Type::draw_overlay(), enter_live_mode(), Fl_Group_Type::enter_live_mode(), Fl_Table_Type::enter_live_mode(), Fl_Tabs_Type::enter_live_mode(), Fl_Scroll_Type::enter_live_mode(), Fl_Window_Type::enter_live_mode(), fix_group_size(), Fl_Window_Type::fix_overlay(), Fl_Widget_Type(), Fl_Menu_Item_Type::flags(), grid_cb(), group_cb(), guides_cb(), Fl_Window_Type::handle(), Fl_Button_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Return_Button_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Browser_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Check_Browser_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_File_Browser_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Spinner_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Input_Type::ideal_size(), ideal_size(), Fl_File_Input_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Text_Display_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Text_Editor_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Help_View_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Menu_Button_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Choice_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Output_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Input_Choice_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Value_Input_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Menu_Bar_Type::ideal_size(), Fl_Value_Output_Type::ideal_size(), ideal_spacing(), Fl_Tabs_Type::ideal_spacing(), labelcolor_cb(), labelfont_cb(), labelsize_cb(), labeltype_cb(), make(), Fl_Window_Type::make(), Fl_Widget_Class_Type::make(), Fl_Menu_Item_Type::make(), max_cb(), min_cb(), Fl_Group_Type::move_child(), Fl_Table_Type::move_child(), Fl_Window_Type::move_child(), Fl_Window_Type::moveallchildren(), Fl_Window_Type::newdx(), Fl_Window_Type::newposition(), Fl_Window_Type::open(), print_menu_cb(), read_fdesign(), read_fdesign(), Fl_Window_Type::read_fdesign(), Fl_Window_Type::read_image(), read_property(), Fl_Window_Type::read_property(), redraw(), Fl_Group_Type::remove_child(), Fl_Table_Type::remove_child(), Fl_Tabs_Type::remove_child(), Fl_Window_Type::remove_child(), resizable(), set_max_size_cb(), set_min_size_cb(), setimage(), setinactive(), setlabel(), Fl_Window_Type::setlabel(), shortcut_in_cb(), slider_size_cb(), step_cb(), subtype_cb(), textcolor_cb(), textfont_cb(), textsize_cb(), Fl_Browser_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Check_Browser_Type::textstuff(), Fl_File_Browser_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Counter_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Spinner_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Input_Type::textstuff(), Fl_File_Input_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Text_Display_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Text_Editor_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Menu_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Input_Choice_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Value_Input_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Value_Output_Type::textstuff(), Fl_Value_Slider_Type::textstuff(), toggle_overlays(), tooltip(), value_cb(), visible_cb(), when_button_cb(), when_cb(), write_code1(), Fl_Widget_Class_Type::write_code1(), Fl_Window_Type::write_code2(), Fl_Widget_Class_Type::write_code2(), Fl_Menu_Item_Type::write_item(), write_properties(), Fl_Window_Type::write_properties(), write_widget_code(), xclass_cb(), Fl_Menu_Type::~Fl_Menu_Type(), and ~Fl_Widget_Type().

◆ public_

◆ subclass_

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::subclass_

Definition at line 380 of file Fl_Type.h.

Referenced by Fl_Widget_Type(), subclass(), and ~Fl_Widget_Type().

◆ tooltip_

const char* Fl_Widget_Type::tooltip_

Definition at line 381 of file Fl_Type.h.

Referenced by Fl_Widget_Type(), tooltip(), and ~Fl_Widget_Type().

◆ xclass

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