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Fl_GIF_Image Class Reference

#include <Fl_GIF_Image.H>

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Public Member Functions

 Fl_GIF_Image (const char *filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Fl_Pixmap
 Fl_Pixmap (char *const *D)
 Fl_Pixmap (uchar *const *D)
 Fl_Pixmap (const char *const *D)
 Fl_Pixmap (const uchar *const *D)
virtual ~Fl_Pixmap ()
virtual Fl_Imagecopy (int W, int H)
Fl_Imagecopy ()
virtual void color_average (Fl_Color c, float i)
virtual void desaturate ()
virtual void draw (int X, int Y, int W, int H, int cx=0, int cy=0)
void draw (int X, int Y)
virtual void label (Fl_Widget *w)
virtual void label (Fl_Menu_Item *m)
virtual void uncache ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Fl_Image
int w () const
int h () const
int d () const
int ld () const
int count () const
const char *constdata () const
int fail ()
 Fl_Image (int W, int H, int D)
virtual ~Fl_Image ()
Fl_Imagecopy ()
void inactive ()
void draw (int X, int Y)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Fl_Image
static void RGB_scaling (Fl_RGB_Scaling)
static Fl_RGB_Scaling RGB_scaling ()
- Public Attributes inherited from Fl_Pixmap
int alloc_data
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Fl_Image
static const int ERR_NO_IMAGE = -1
static const int ERR_FILE_ACCESS = -2
static const int ERR_FORMAT = -3
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Fl_Pixmap
void measure ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Fl_Image
void w (int W)
void h (int H)
void d (int D)
void ld (int LD)
void data (const char *const *p, int c)
void draw_empty (int X, int Y)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Fl_Image
static void labeltype (const Fl_Label *lo, int lx, int ly, int lw, int lh, Fl_Align la)
static void measure (const Fl_Label *lo, int &lw, int &lh)

Detailed Description

The Fl_GIF_Image class supports loading, caching, and drawing of Compuserve GIFSM images. The class loads the first image and supports transparency.

Definition at line 31 of file Fl_GIF_Image.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Fl_GIF_Image()

Fl_GIF_Image::Fl_GIF_Image ( const char *  infname)

The constructor loads the named GIF image.

The destructor frees all memory and server resources that are used by the image.

Use Fl_Image::fail() to check if Fl_GIF_Image failed to load. fail() returns ERR_FILE_ACCESS if the file could not be opened or read, ERR_FORMAT if the GIF format could not be decoded, and ERR_NO_IMAGE if the image could not be loaded for another reason.

Definition at line 94 of file Fl_GIF_Image.cxx.

References Fl_Pixmap::alloc_data, b, Fl_Image::d(), Fl_Image::data(), Fl_Image::ERR_FILE_ACCESS, Fl_Image::ERR_FORMAT, Fl::error, fl_fopen(), GETSHORT, Fl_Image::h(), Fl_Image::ld(), length, NEXTBYTE, NULL, p, Fl_Image::w(), and Fl::warning.

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