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Fl_Shared_Image.H File Reference
#include "Fl_Image.H"
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class  Fl_Shared_Image


typedef Fl_Image *(* Fl_Shared_Handler) (const char *name, uchar *header, int headerlen)


void fl_register_images ()
 Register the image formats. More...

Detailed Description

Fl_Shared_Image class.

Definition in file Fl_Shared_Image.H.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Fl_Shared_Handler

typedef Fl_Image*(* Fl_Shared_Handler) (const char *name, uchar *header, int headerlen)

Definition at line 29 of file Fl_Shared_Image.H.

Function Documentation

◆ fl_register_images()

void fl_register_images ( )

Register the image formats.

This function is provided in the fltk_images library and registers all of the "extra" image file formats that are not part of the core FLTK library.

Definition at line 54 of file fl_images_core.cxx.

References Fl_Shared_Image::add_handler(), and fl_check_images().

Referenced by Fl_Help_Dialog::Fl_Help_Dialog(), Fl_File_Icon::load_system_icons(), and main().