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aacenc_pred.h File Reference
#include "aacenc.h"
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#define PRED_RESET_FRAME_MIN   240
#define PRED_RESET_MIN   64
#define PRED_SFB_START   10


void ff_aac_apply_main_pred (AACEncContext *s, SingleChannelElement *sce)
void ff_aac_adjust_common_pred (AACEncContext *s, ChannelElement *cpe)
void ff_aac_search_for_pred (AACEncContext *s, SingleChannelElement *sce)
void ff_aac_encode_main_pred (AACEncContext *s, SingleChannelElement *sce)

Detailed Description

AAC encoder main-type prediction

Rostislav Pehlivanov ( atomnuker gmail com )

Definition in file aacenc_pred.h.

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#define PRED_RESET_FRAME_MIN   240

Definition at line 34 of file aacenc_pred.h.

Referenced by update_counters().


#define PRED_RESET_MIN   64

Definition at line 37 of file aacenc_pred.h.

Referenced by update_pred_resets().


#define PRED_SFB_START   10

Definition at line 40 of file aacenc_pred.h.

Referenced by ff_aac_search_for_pred().

Function Documentation

◆ ff_aac_adjust_common_pred()

◆ ff_aac_apply_main_pred()

◆ ff_aac_encode_main_pred()

◆ ff_aac_search_for_pred()