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ncurses-print.c File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <wchar.h>
#include "ncurses-print.h"
#include "errormsg.h"
#include "mbstowcs_escape_invalid.h"
#include "positive_wcwidth.h"
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void putline (WINDOW *window, const char *str, const int line, const int columns, const int compensate_indent)
void print_spaces (WINDOW *window, int spaces)
void print_right_justified_int (WINDOW *window, int number, int width)
int vwprintflength (const wchar_t *format, va_list args)
int get_num_digits (int value)

Function Documentation

◆ get_num_digits()

int get_num_digits ( int  value)

Definition at line 144 of file ncurses-print.c.

Referenced by deletefiles_ncurses(), filerowcount(), and print_right_justified_int().

◆ print_right_justified_int()

void print_right_justified_int ( WINDOW *  window,
int  number,
int  width 

Definition at line 114 of file ncurses-print.c.

References get_num_digits(), and print_spaces().

Referenced by deletefiles_ncurses().

◆ print_spaces()

void print_spaces ( WINDOW *  window,
int  spaces 

Definition at line 106 of file ncurses-print.c.

Referenced by deletefiles_ncurses(), and print_right_justified_int().

◆ putline()

void putline ( WINDOW *  window,
const char *  str,
const int  line,
const int  columns,
const int  compensate_indent 

Definition at line 30 of file ncurses-print.c.

References errormsg(), mbstowcs_escape_invalid(), and positive_wcwidth().

Referenced by deletefiles_ncurses().

◆ vwprintflength()

int vwprintflength ( const wchar_t *  format,
va_list  args 

Definition at line 128 of file ncurses-print.c.

Referenced by format_prompt(), format_status_left(), and format_status_right().