egroupware-docker  20.1.20200628
About: EGroupware is a Web-based GroupWare suite (a fork of the phpGroupWare project). It enables you to manage contacts, appointments, todos and many more for your whole business. Pre-release.
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Branch Status Tools Usage
master Build Status Travis CI runs unit-tests after each commit
19.1 Build Status Scrutinizer CI scrutinizer runs static analysis on our codebase
17.1 Build Status BrowserStack manual testing with unusual browser versions or platforms

Default and prefered installation method for EGroupware is via your package manager:

Installing EGroupware 19.1+ via Docker:

EGroupware 19.1 can be installed via Docker, in fact the DEB/RPM packages also does that. Instructions on how to run EGroupware in Docker are in doc/docker subdirectory.

Installing EGroupware 17.1 from github:

switch to 17.1 branch and follow instructions there

Installing EGroupware development version:

apt/yum/zypper install nodejs
npm install -g grunt-cli
  • install EGroupware and dependencies
cd /path/to/your/docroot
git clone # or for ssh
cd egroupware
  • install non-default EGroupware apps by cloning them into your egroupware directory eg.
cd /path/to/your/egroupware
git clone

Keeping EGroupware up to date or switch to release branch:

cd /path/to/your/egroupware
./install-cli.php [<change-channel>]
setup/setup-cli.php # will tell you if a schema-update is necessary

install-cli.php supports the following "channels":

  • release: taged maintenance releases only eg. 17.1.20190222
  • bugfix: release-branch incl. latest bugfixes eg. 17.1, if you are currently on 17.1.20190222
  • <branch>: switch to given branch
  • master: latest development for next release

To change the channel, call install-cli.php <channel-to-update-to>.

For further instalation instructions see our wiki.