dune-istl  2.7.1
About: dune-istl - DUNE (Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment) is a modular toolbox for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) with grid-based methods: DUNE Iterative Solver Template Library.
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ildl.hh File Reference

Incomplete LDL decomposition. More...

#include <dune/common/scalarvectorview.hh>
#include <dune/common/scalarmatrixview.hh>
#include "ilu.hh"
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template<class K , int m, int n>
static void Dune::bildl_subtractBCT (const FieldMatrix< K, m, n > &B, const FieldMatrix< K, m, n > &CT, FieldMatrix< K, m, n > &A)
template<class K >
static void Dune::bildl_subtractBCT (const K &B, const K &CT, K &A, typename std::enable_if_t< Dune::IsNumber< K >::value > *sfinae=nullptr)
template<class Matrix >
static void Dune::bildl_subtractBCT (const Matrix &B, const Matrix &CT, Matrix &A, typename std::enable_if_t<!Dune::IsNumber< Matrix >::value > *sfinae=nullptr)
template<class Matrix >
void Dune::bildl_decompose (Matrix &A)
 compute ILDL decomposition of a symmetric matrix A More...
template<class Matrix , class X , class Y >
void Dune::bildl_backsolve (const Matrix &A, X &v, const Y &d, bool isLowerTriangular=false)

Detailed Description

Incomplete LDL decomposition.

Martin Nolte

Definition in file ildl.hh.