dune-istl  2.7.1
About: dune-istl - DUNE (Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment) is a modular toolbox for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) with grid-based methods: DUNE Iterative Solver Template Library.
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istl Directory Reference
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directory  common
directory  eigenvalue
directory  paamg


file  allocator.hh [code]
file  basearray.hh [code]
 Implements several basic array containers.
file  bcrsmatrix.hh [code]
 Implementation of the BCRSMatrix class.
file  bdmatrix.hh [code]
 Implementation of the BDMatrix class.
file  btdmatrix.hh [code]
 Implementation of the BTDMatrix class.
file  bvector.hh [code]
 This file implements a vector space as a tensor product of a given vector space. The number of components can be given at run-time.
file  cholmod.hh [code]
file  colcompmatrix.hh [code]
file  gsetc.hh [code]
 Simple iterative methods like Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, SOR, SSOR, etc. in a generic way.
file  ildl.hh [code]
 Incomplete LDL decomposition.
file  ilu.hh [code]
file  ilusubdomainsolver.hh [code]
 Various local subdomain solvers based on ILU for SeqOverlappingSchwarz.
file  io.hh [code]
 Some generic functions for pretty printing vectors and matrices.
file  istlexception.hh [code]
file  ldl.hh [code]
file  matrix.hh [code]
 A dynamic dense block matrix class.
file  matrixindexset.hh [code]
file  matrixmarket.hh [code]
 Provides classes for reading and writing MatrixMarket Files with an extension for parallel matrices.
file  matrixmatrix.hh [code]
 provides functions for sparse matrix matrix multiplication.
file  matrixredistribute.hh [code]
 Functionality for redistributing a sparse matrix.
file  matrixutils.hh [code]
 Some handy generic functions for ISTL matrices.
file  multitypeblockmatrix.hh [code]
file  multitypeblockvector.hh [code]
file  novlpschwarz.hh [code]
file  operators.hh [code]
 Define general, extensible interface for operators. The available implementation wraps a matrix.
file  overlappingschwarz.hh [code]
 Contains one level overlapping Schwarz preconditioners.
file  owneroverlapcopy.hh [code]
 Classes providing communication interfaces for overlapping Schwarz methods.
file  pardiso.hh [code]
file  preconditioner.hh [code]
file  preconditioners.hh [code]
 Define general preconditioner interface.
file  repartition.hh [code]
 Functionality for redistributing a parallel index set using graph partitioning.
file  scalarproducts.hh [code]
 Define base class for scalar product and norm.
file  scaledidmatrix.hh [code]
 This file implements a quadratic matrix of fixed size which is a multiple of the identity.
file  schwarz.hh [code]
file  solver.hh [code]
 Define general, extensible interface for inverse operators.
file  solvercategory.hh [code]
file  solverfactory.hh [code]
file  solvers.hh [code]
 Implementations of the inverse operator interface.
file  solvertype.hh [code]
 Templates characterizing the type of a solver.
file  spqr.hh [code]
file  superlu.hh [code]
file  superlufunctions.hh [code]
file  supermatrix.hh [code]
file  umfpack.hh [code]
file  vbvector.hh [code]