dpkg  1.19.6
About: dpkg is the Debian GNU/Linux package installation tool (handles .deb files).
  Fossies Dox: dpkg_1.19.6.tar.xz  ("inofficial" and yet experimental doxygen-generated source code documentation)  

Public libdpkg C API
Collaboration diagram for Public libdpkg C API:


 Ar archive handling
 Architecture database
 .deb format version handling
 In-core package database management
 Error context handling
 Error message reporting
 C language support macros
 Name/Value data
 In-core package database parsing and reading
 Package array primitives
 Package files handling
 Package information formatting
 Package linked lists
 Package queues
 Package information display
 Package specifiers
 Package handling primitives
 Program name handling
 Program support
 Tar archive handling
 Variable length buffers
 Version handling

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