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config.h File Reference
#include "configvalues.h"
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 Public function to deal with the configuration file.


#define Config_getString(val)   (ConfigValues::instance().val)
#define Config_getBool(val)   (ConfigValues::instance().val)
#define Config_getInt(val)   (ConfigValues::instance().val)
#define Config_getEnum(val)   (ConfigValues::instance().val)
#define Config_getList(val)   (ConfigValues::instance().val)


void Config::init ()
void Config::writeTemplate (FTextStream &t, bool shortList, bool updateOnly=FALSE)
void Config::compareDoxyfile (FTextStream &t)
bool Config::parse (const char *fileName, bool update=FALSE)
void Config::postProcess (bool clearHeaderAndFooter, bool compare=FALSE)
void Config::checkAndCorrect ()
void Config::deinit ()

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ Config_getBool

#define Config_getBool (   val)    (ConfigValues::instance().val)

Definition at line 36 of file config.h.

◆ Config_getEnum

#define Config_getEnum (   val)    (ConfigValues::instance().val)

Definition at line 38 of file config.h.

◆ Config_getInt

#define Config_getInt (   val)    (ConfigValues::instance().val)

Definition at line 37 of file config.h.

◆ Config_getList

#define Config_getList (   val)    (ConfigValues::instance().val)

Definition at line 39 of file config.h.

◆ Config_getString

#define Config_getString (   val)    (ConfigValues::instance().val)

some convenience macros for accessing the config options mainly done like this for backward compatibility

Definition at line 35 of file config.h.