dosfstools  4.2
About: dosfstools are utilities to create, check and label (MS-DOS) FAT filesystems.
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check.h File Reference
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void check_dirty_bits (DOS_FS *fs)
int scan_root (DOS_FS *fs)
void check_label (DOS_FS *fs)

Function Documentation

◆ check_dirty_bits()

◆ check_label()

◆ scan_root()

int scan_root ( DOS_FS fs)

Scan all directory and file information for errors.

[in,out]fsInformation about the filesystem
0 Success
1 Error

Definition at line 1032 of file check.c.

References add_file(), check_dir(), check_files(), fp_root, lfn_check_orphaned(), new_dir(), root, DOS_FS::root_cluster, DOS_FS::root_entries, DOS_FS::root_start, and subdirs().

Referenced by main().