dnspython  1.16.0
About: dnspython is a DNS toolkit (for Python 2.x) that supports almost all record types.
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message.py File Reference

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class  dns.message.ShortHeader
class  dns.message.TrailingJunk
class  dns.message.UnknownHeaderField
class  dns.message.BadEDNS
class  dns.message.BadTSIG
class  dns.message.UnknownTSIGKey
class  dns.message.Message
class  dns.message._WireReader
class  dns.message._TextReader




def dns.message.from_wire (wire, keyring=None, request_mac=b'', xfr=False, origin=None, tsig_ctx=None, multi=False, first=True, question_only=False, one_rr_per_rrset=False, ignore_trailing=False)
def dns.message.from_text (text)
def dns.message.from_file (f)
def dns.message.make_query (qname, rdtype, rdclass=dns.rdataclass.IN, use_edns=None, want_dnssec=False, ednsflags=None, payload=None, request_payload=None, options=None)
def dns.message.make_response (query, recursion_available=False, our_payload=8192, fudge=300)


int dns.message.QUESTION = 0
int dns.message.ANSWER = 1
int dns.message.AUTHORITY = 2
int dns.message.ADDITIONAL = 3