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dns.rdtypes.ANY.EUI64.EUI64 Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

int byte_len = 8
int text_len = byte_len * 3 - 1

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from dns.rdtypes.euibase.EUIBase
def __init__ (self, rdclass, rdtype, eui)
def to_text (self, origin=None, relativize=True, **kw)
def from_text (cls, rdclass, rdtype, tok, origin=None, relativize=True)
def to_wire (self, file, compress=None, origin=None)
def from_wire (cls, rdclass, rdtype, wire, current, rdlen, origin=None)
- Public Member Functions inherited from dns.rdata.Rdata
def __init__ (self, rdclass, rdtype)
def covers (self)
def extended_rdatatype (self)
def to_digestable (self, origin=None)
def validate (self)
def __repr__ (self)
def __str__ (self)
def __eq__ (self, other)
def __ne__ (self, other)
def __lt__ (self, other)
def __le__ (self, other)
def __ge__ (self, other)
def __gt__ (self, other)
def __hash__ (self)
def choose_relativity (self, origin=None, relativize=True)
- Public Attributes inherited from dns.rdtypes.euibase.EUIBase
- Public Attributes inherited from dns.rdata.Rdata

Detailed Description

EUI64 record

@ivar fingerprint: 64-bit Extended Unique Identifier (EUI-64)
@type fingerprint: string
@see: rfc7043.txt

Definition at line 20 of file EUI64.py.

Member Data Documentation

◆ byte_len

int dns.rdtypes.ANY.EUI64.EUI64.byte_len = 8

◆ text_len

int dns.rdtypes.ANY.EUI64.EUI64.text_len = byte_len * 3 - 1

Definition at line 29 of file EUI64.py.

Referenced by dns.rdtypes.euibase.EUIBase.from_text().

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