dillo  3.0.5
About: dillo is a small, fast, extensible Web browser particularly suitable for older or smaller computers and embedded systems (but only limited or no support for frames, CSS, JavaScript, Java).
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Todo List
Class CssSelector
Implement missing selector options.
Page Dillo Widget Usage
Currently, anchors only define vertical positions.
File dpid_common.h
The dpid error codes will be used in the next patch
Member dw::core::DeepIterator::createVariant (Iterator *it)
Not yet implemented, and actually not yet needed very much.
Member dw::core::Imgbuf::isReferred ()=0
Member dw::core::Imgbuf::lastReference ()=0
Member dw::core::Imgbuf::setDeleteOnUnref (bool deleteOnUnref)=0
Member dw::core::Iterator::scrollTo (Iterator *it1, Iterator *it2, int start, int end, HPosition hpos, VPosition vpos)
Changes in the viewport size, until the idle function is called, are not regarded.
Member dw::core::Layout::detachView (View *view)
Actually, viewportMarkerWidthDiff and viewportMarkerHeightDiff have to be recalculated here, since the effective (i.e. maximal) values may change, after the view has been detached. Same applies to the usage of viewports.
Member dw::core::Layout::updateAnchor ()
Copy comment from old docs.
Class dw::core::SelectionState

dw::core::SelectionState::buttonMotion currently always assumes that button 1 has been pressed (since otherwise it would not do anything). This should be made a bit cleaner.

The selection should be cleared, when the user selects something somewhere else (perhaps switched into "non-active" mode, as e.g. Gtk+ does).

Member dw::core::style::DisplayType
Incomplete. Has to be completed for a CSS implementation.
Member dw::core::style::drawBorder (View *view, Layout *layout, Rectangle *area, int x, int y, int width, int height, Style *style, bool inverse)
a lot!
Member dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::sizeDiffs (StyleAttrs *otherStyleAttrs)
Should for CSS implemented properly. Currently, size changes are not needed, so always false is returned. See also dw::core::Widget::setStyle.
Namespace dw::core::ui
describe activation signal
Member dw::core::ui::ComplexButtonResource::LayoutReceiver::canvasSizeChanged (int width, int ascent, int descent)
Verify that this is correct.
Member dw::core::ui::LabelButtonResource::iterator (Content::Type mask, bool atEnd)
Perhaps in brackets?
Member dw::core::Widget::getAllocation ()
I do not like this.
Member dw::core::Widget::queueDrawArea (int x, int y, int width, int height)
Maybe only the intersection?
Member dw::core::Widget::sizeRequest (Requisition *requisition)
Check requisition == &(this->requisition) and do what?
Member dw::fltk::FltkFont::fontsTable
Distinction between italics and oblique would be nice.
Member dw::fltk::FltkPlatform::addIdle (void(core::Layout::*func)())
Incomplete comments.
Member dw::fltk::FltkViewBase::handle (int event)
Consider, whether this from the FLTK documentation has any impacts: "To receive fltk::RELEASE events you must return non-zero when passed a fltk::PUSH event. "
Class dw::fltk::ui::FltkEntryResource
Text values are not synchronized (not needed in dillo).
Class dw::ImageMapsList
Some methods within the key class have to be implemented, this is not clear at this time.
Member dw::Ruler::iterator (core::Content::Type mask, bool atEnd)
Member dw::Textblock::addAnchor (const char *name, core::style::Style *style)
It may be necessary for future uses to save the anchor in some way, e.g. when parts of the widget tree change.
Member dw::Textblock::alignLine (int lineIndex)
Use block's style instead once paragraphs become proper blocks.
Member dw::Textblock::sizeAllocateImpl (core::Allocation *allocation)
Justification within the line is done here.
Member get_dpi_attr (char *dpi_dir, char *service, struct dp *dpi_attr)
Add other file types, but first we need to add files associated with a dpi to the design.
Page Layout and Widgets
This section is not implemented yet, after the implementation, the documentation should be reviewed.
Member lout::object::Object::toString ()
Class lout::object::Pair
Class lout::object::PairBase
Class lout::object::TypedPair< F, S >
Member main (void)
Page Sizes of Dillo Widgets
There should be a definition of "available space".
Class StyleImageDeletionReceiver
Not neccessary for dw::Image? (dw::Image also implements lout::signal::ObservedObject.)