dillo  3.0.5
About: dillo is a small, fast, extensible Web browser particularly suitable for older or smaller computers and embedded systems (but only limited or no support for frames, CSS, JavaScript, Java).
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Changes to the GTK+-based Release Version

Changes in Dw

Related to the FLTK port, there have been many changes, this is a (hopefully complete) list:

Dw is now written C++, the transition should be obvious. All "Dw" prefixes have been removed, instead, namespaces are used now:


The old documentation has been moved to:

Old New
Dw.txt general part Dillo Widget Overview, Dillo Widget Usage, Layout and Widgets, Sizes of Dillo Widgets
remarks on specific widgets respective source files: dw::Bullet, dw::core::ui::Embed
DwImage.txt signals dw::core::Layout::LinkReceiver
rest dw::Image, Images and Backgrounds in Dw
Imgbuf.txt dw::core::Imgbuf, Images and Backgrounds in Dw
DwPage.txt dw::Textblock
DwRender.txt Dillo Widget Overview, Layout and Views, dw::core::ui
DwStyle.txt dw::core::style
DwTable.txt dw::Table
DwWidget.txt dw::core::Widget, Layout and Widgets, Sizes of Dillo Widgets
Selection.txt dw::core::SelectionState