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dw::core::style::StyleAttrs Class Reference

#include <style.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void initValues ()
void resetValues ()
 Reset those style attributes to their standard values, which are not inherited, according to CSS. More...
bool sizeDiffs (StyleAttrs *otherStyleAttrs)
 This method returns whether something may change its size, when its style changes from this style to otherStyle. More...
void setBorderColor (Color *val)
void setBorderStyle (BorderStyle val)
int boxOffsetX ()
int boxRestWidth ()
int boxDiffWidth ()
int boxOffsetY ()
int boxRestHeight ()
int boxDiffHeight ()
bool hasBackground ()
bool equals (lout::object::Object *other)
 Returns, whether two objects are equal. More...
int hashValue ()
 Return a hash value for the object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from lout::object::Object
virtual ~Object ()
 The destructor is defined as virtual (but not abstract), so that destruction of Object's works properly. More...
virtual Objectclone ()
 Return an exact copy of the object. More...
virtual void intoStringBuffer (misc::StringBuffer *sb)
 Store a textual representation of the object in a misc::StringBuffer. More...
const char * toString ()
 Use object::Object::intoStringBuffer to return a textual representation of the object. More...
virtual size_t sizeOf ()
 Return the number of bytes, this object totally uses. More...

Public Attributes

int textDecoration
BackgroundRepeat backgroundRepeat
BackgroundAttachment backgroundAttachment
Length backgroundPositionX
Length backgroundPositionY
TextAlignType textAlign
VAlignType valign
char textAlignChar
TextTransform textTransform
int hBorderSpacing
int vBorderSpacing
int wordSpacing
Length width
Length height
Length lineHeight
Length textIndent
Box margin
Box borderWidth
Box padding
BorderCollapse borderCollapse
struct {
   Color *   top
   Color *   right
   Color *   bottom
   Color *   left
struct {
   BorderStyle   top
   BorderStyle   right
   BorderStyle   bottom
   BorderStyle   left
DisplayType display
WhiteSpace whiteSpace
ListStylePosition listStylePosition
ListStyleType listStyleType
Cursor cursor
int x_link
int x_img
char x_lang [2]

Detailed Description

See also

Definition at line 489 of file style.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ boxDiffHeight()

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::boxDiffHeight ( )

◆ boxDiffWidth()

◆ boxOffsetX()

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::boxOffsetX ( )

◆ boxOffsetY()

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::boxOffsetY ( )

◆ boxRestHeight()

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::boxRestHeight ( )

Definition at line 554 of file style.hh.

References borderWidth, dw::core::style::Box::bottom, margin, and padding.

Referenced by boxDiffHeight(), and dw::Ruler::sizeRequestImpl().

◆ boxRestWidth()

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::boxRestWidth ( )

Definition at line 545 of file style.hh.

References borderWidth, margin, padding, and dw::core::style::Box::right.

Referenced by boxDiffWidth().

◆ equals()

bool dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::equals ( lout::object::Object other)

Returns, whether two objects are equal.

The caller should ensure, that this and the object have the same class; this makes casting of "other" safe. Typically, an implementation should check this == other first, the caller can assume a fast implementation.

Reimplemented from lout::object::Object.

Definition at line 142 of file style.cc.

References backgroundAttachment, backgroundColor, backgroundImage, backgroundPositionX, backgroundPositionY, backgroundRepeat, borderCollapse, borderColor, borderStyle, borderWidth, bottom, color, cursor, display, font, hBorderSpacing, height, left, lineHeight, listStylePosition, listStyleType, margin, padding, right, textAlign, textAlignChar, textDecoration, textIndent, textTransform, top, valign, vBorderSpacing, whiteSpace, width, wordSpacing, x_img, x_lang, x_link, and x_tooltip.

◆ hasBackground()

bool dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::hasBackground ( )

Definition at line 560 of file style.hh.

References backgroundColor, and backgroundImage.

Referenced by dw::Textblock::drawLine(), and dw::Textblock::drawWord().

◆ hashValue()

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::hashValue ( )

Return a hash value for the object.

Reimplemented from lout::object::Object.

Definition at line 190 of file style.cc.

References hashValue().

Referenced by hashValue().

◆ initValues()

◆ resetValues()

void dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::resetValues ( )

◆ setBorderColor()

void dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::setBorderColor ( Color val)

Definition at line 534 of file style.hh.

References borderColor.

Referenced by dw::Textblock::changeLinkColor().

◆ setBorderStyle()

void dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::setBorderStyle ( BorderStyle  val)

Definition at line 537 of file style.hh.

References borderStyle.

◆ sizeDiffs()

bool dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::sizeDiffs ( StyleAttrs otherStyle)

This method returns whether something may change its size, when its style changes from this style to otherStyle.

It is mainly for optimizing style changes where only colors etc change (where false would be returned), in some cases it may return true, although a size change does not actually happen (e.g. when in a certain context a particular attribute is ignored).

Should for CSS implemented properly. Currently, size changes are not needed, so always false is returned. See also dw::core::Widget::setStyle.

Definition at line 137 of file style.cc.

Referenced by dw::core::Widget::setStyle().

Member Data Documentation

◆ backgroundAttachment

◆ backgroundColor

◆ backgroundImage

◆ backgroundPositionX

◆ backgroundPositionY

◆ backgroundRepeat

◆ borderCollapse

BorderCollapse dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::borderCollapse

◆ borderColor

◆ borderStyle

◆ borderWidth

◆ bottom [1/2]

Color * dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::bottom

◆ bottom [2/2]

BorderStyle dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::bottom

Definition at line 513 of file style.hh.

◆ color

◆ cursor

Cursor dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::cursor

◆ display

DisplayType dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::display

◆ font

◆ hBorderSpacing

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::hBorderSpacing

◆ height

Length dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::height

◆ left [1/2]

Color * dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::left

◆ left [2/2]

BorderStyle dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::left

Definition at line 513 of file style.hh.

◆ lineHeight

Length dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::lineHeight

◆ listStylePosition

ListStylePosition dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::listStylePosition

◆ listStyleType

ListStyleType dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::listStyleType

◆ margin

◆ padding

◆ right [1/2]

Color * dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::right

◆ right [2/2]

BorderStyle dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::right

Definition at line 513 of file style.hh.

◆ textAlign

◆ textAlignChar

char dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::textAlignChar

Definition at line 504 of file style.hh.

Referenced by dw::core::style::Style::copyAttrs(), equals(), and dw::TableCell::wordWrap().

◆ textDecoration

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::textDecoration

◆ textIndent

Length dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::textIndent

Definition at line 508 of file style.hh.

Referenced by StyleEngine::apply(), dw::core::style::Style::copyAttrs(), and equals().

◆ textTransform

TextTransform dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::textTransform

◆ top [1/2]

Color* dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::top

◆ top [2/2]

BorderStyle dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::top

Definition at line 513 of file style.hh.

◆ valign

◆ vBorderSpacing

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::vBorderSpacing

◆ whiteSpace

WhiteSpace dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::whiteSpace

◆ width

◆ wordSpacing

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::wordSpacing

◆ x_img

int dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::x_img

Definition at line 522 of file style.hh.

Referenced by StyleEngine::apply(), dw::core::style::Style::copyAttrs(), and equals().

◆ x_lang

char dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::x_lang[2]

◆ x_link

◆ x_tooltip

Tooltip* dw::core::style::StyleAttrs::x_tooltip

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