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About: Code Browser is a folding and outlining text editor (for Linux and Windows).
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  1. To see the Doxygen generated documentation please click on one of the items in the steelblue colored "quick index" bar above or use the side panel at the left which displays a hierarchical tree-like index structure and is adjustable in width.
  2. If you want to search for something by keyword rather than browse for it you can use the client side search facility (using Javascript and DHTML) that provides live searching, i.e. the search results are presented and adapted as you type in the Search input field at the top right.
  3. Doxygen doesn't incorporate all member files but just a definable subset (basically the main project source code files that are written in a supported language). So to search and browse all member files you may visit the Fossies code-browser-8.0-src.tar.gz contents page and use the Fossies standard member browsing features (also with source code highlighting and additionally with optional code folding).
Code Browser 8.0

Code Browser is a folding text editor for Linux and Windows, designed to 
hierarchically structure any kind of text file and expecially source code.
It makes navigation through source code faster and easier.

Code Browser is licensed under The GNU Public License.
See the file COPYING for more information.

Installation (Linux, Gtk)
* GTK+ >= 3.18

1. Extract the archive in a temporary folder.
2. Type 'cp -r usr /' as root, it will be installed under /usr/local/.
3. Type 'code-browser' to start it.

Installation (Linux, Qt)
* Qt >= 5.9

1. Extract the archive in a temporary folder.
2. Type 'cp -r usr /' as root, it will be installed under /usr/local/.
3. Type 'code-browser' to start it.

Installation from Source (Windows)
* Copper -
* MinGW - You must have gcc and windres in your path.

Type 'make with-local-libs' to build the program.

Installation from Source (Linux, Gtk)
* GTK+ >= 3.18
* Copper -
* Ubuntu users: need build-essential and libgtk-3-dev packages
	sudo apt-get install build-essential
	sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev

Type 'make with-local-libs UI=gtk' to build the program.
Type 'make install' as root to install the program.

Installation from Source (Linux, Qt)
* Qt >= 5.9
* Copper -
* Ubuntu users: need build-essential packages
	sudo apt-get install build-essential

Type 'make with-local-libs UI=qt' to build the program.
Type 'make install' as root to install the program.

Version 8.0 - 2021-10-14
	- Output and Find result use a dedicated window
	- CTRL+P : CTRL+Enter opens in a new window
	- Fix tab hidden behind scroll buttons

Version 7.5 - 2021-05-17
	- Fix crash when cloning a new empty window
	- Fix memory leaks

Version 7.4 - 2021-05-08
	- Split notebook in side-by-side view

Version 7.3 - 2020-10-17
	- Mouse triple click to select line
	- Remove encoding selector dialog, use "Reopen with Encoding" instead
	- Can specify a max width for word-wrapping
	- Search from current node

Version 7.2 - 2020-10-04
	- Bookmarks cycle in the document instead of a single file
	- Open file tries to find the file in an existing window
	- Session saves the opened folders
	- Drop folder into the editor to open it
	- Add Qt version
	- Add GTK2 version back
	- Bug fix with Page up/down and multibytes characters
Version 7.1 - 2020-03-21
	- Bug fix: GTK3: flickering
	- Bug fix: GTK3: various fixes for some revisions
	- Bug fix: Issue when the search history contains a '%'

Version 7.0 - 2020-02-17
	- Add zoomable view
	- Merge project tree and sections
	- Fix display of close buttons on some Windows versions
	- Better keyboard navigation in browser view

Version 6.7 - 2019-12-06
	- Add simple auto-completion
	- Page Down key does not hide the last page anymore
	- Fix performance issue with indent selection and elastic tabstops
	- Bug fix: Numpad cursor movements not working on GTK
	- Bug fix: Issue in tree view when changing a link target
	- Bug fix: Crash when typing a letter in the browser view with last item 

Version 6.6 - 2019-07-07
	- Bug fix: Windows regression: can't open file with non-ASCII characters
	- Bug fix: Close Button on error box did not work
	- Bug fix: Crash with some GTK3 versions
Version 6.5 - 2019-03-10
	- Highlight matches in the the search result
	- Limit search result to 10.000 occurrences
	- Use same shortcut to start and stop recording a macro
	- Add links back in the Smalltalk style browser
	- Select an alternative encoding if load fails because of encoding
	- Show current absolute line number with CTRL+G (Goto Line)
	- Migrate Linux version from GTK2 to GTK3
	- Fix the script according to an API change
	- Bug fix: crash when deleting word with cursor at end of line

Version 6.4 - 2018-09-14
	- Bug fix: fold selection deletes up to the end of the selection.
	- Find dialogs: 'Header' is replaced by 'Ignore Header'
	- The text of a sub-section does no longer need to end with a new line
	- Project and Option views use the smalltalk style browser 
	- Smalltalk style browser can show many panes
	- Linux: better support of GTK+ themes
	- Linux: added a desktop entry
Version 6.3 - 2017-09-16
	- Error more visible than display in status bar
	- Mark All accepts regular expressions and single characters
	- Bug fix: externally modified file could not be reloaded if read only
	- Bug fix: overwrite mode with a multi-byte character
	- Bug fix: possible crash if a user tool writes a binary zero
	- Bug fix: dangling pointer when asking to create a file
	- Regression: C/C++ characters not highlighted
	- Linux: use an alternate shortcut for upper case (CTRL-U 
	  conflicts with system input)

Version 6.2 - 2016-12-01
	- Autodetect UTF-8 files withtout BOM on non UTF-8 systems
	- Find does not search in header by default anymore
	- Go-to-pane shortcuts available with page view
	- Syntax highlighting: HTML: fixed an issue with <script>
	- Syntax highlighting: fixed an issue with Ruby templates (.erb)
	- Bug fix: TeX files incorrectly loaded and saved because of wrong 
	  escaping of '%' in configuration files
	- Bug fix: Preview in page view not updated if no cursor move (DEL)
	- Bug fix: Linux: dead keys and compose keys are now working
	- Bug fix: Linux: display a system error message instead of 'errno=x'
	- Bug fix: Linux: a deleted file was considered read-only
	- Bug fix: Linux: Issue when displaying some dialogs
	- Bug fix: Windows: possible crash with Find in Files
	- Bug fix: possible crash when deleting a section in the back stack

Version 6.1 - 2016-10-23
	- Bug fix: focus not set when starting the editor without file opened
	- Bug fix: focus can be lost with goto pane
	- Bug fix: Page View: preview pane not always up to date
	- Bug fix: Linux: loading file may fails with unexpected 'Iconv error'

Version 6.0 - 2016-10-13
	- Support of non BMP Unicode characters
	- Macros: quickly record and replay commands
	- Markers are single line only
	- Horizontal scrollbar does not need a virtual width. It is now automatic.
	- Syntax highlighting: delimiters are no longer limited to a single character
	- Syntax highlighting: more colors
	- Syntax highlighting: JavasScript highlighted in HTML, JSP and PHP
	- Syntax highlighting: Various fixes in different languages
	- Syntax highlighting: Fixed fonts use bold / italic styles for keywords
	- Configuration: variables are back
	- Configuration: File patterns accepts wildcards at the end (e.g. Makefile.*)
	- More errors reported throught the status bar (broken links, read only, long lines, ...)
	- List view: do not select automatically the first line if it is a section.
	- Links are outlined again
	- Page view is back
	- Incremental search: change color of the edit when no match can be found.
	- Incremental search: better visibility of the current match
	- Find All is back: find in current file, section or selection
	- Option to follow links in search is back
	- Project: it's now just a folder that can contain a specific option file
	- Goto File / Section: double click to open
	- Goto File / Section: highlight matching letters
	- Scipting: a script can no longer crash the editor
	- Navigation: both back/forward and enter/parent commands
	- Close button on dialogs, project and options
	- Unix: save configuration in $HOME/.config (XDG_CONFIG_HOME)

Marc Kerbiquet,

Kristian Dupont
Holger Zwar
Gianni Trevisan
Damien Doiselet
Yannick Duchene
James Buren
Nils-Hero Lindemann