cloudkitty  13.0.0
About: OpenStack CloudKitty provides Rating-as-a-Service for OpenStack.
The "Victoria" series (maintained release).
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list conf.extensions
list conf.suppress_warnings = ['app.add_directive']
string conf.openstackdocs_repo_name = 'openstack/cloudkitty'
bool conf.openstackdocs_pdf_link = True
bool conf.openstackdocs_use_storyboard = True
string conf.config_generator_config_file = '../../etc/oslo-config-generator/cloudkitty.conf'
string conf.policy_generator_config_file = '../../etc/oslo-policy-generator/cloudkitty.conf'
string conf.sample_policy_basename = '_static/cloudkitty'
string conf.source_suffix = '.rst'
string conf.master_doc = 'index'
string conf.copyright = u'2014-present, OpenStack Foundation.'
list conf.exclude_patterns = []
bool conf.add_function_parentheses = True
bool conf.add_module_names = True
bool conf.show_authors = True
string conf.pygments_style = 'native'
list conf.modindex_common_prefix = ['cloudkitty.']
list conf.man_pages
string conf.html_theme = 'openstackdocs'
dictionary conf.html_theme_options
list conf.html_static_path = ['_static']
bool conf.html_use_modindex = True
bool conf.html_use_index = True
string conf.htmlhelp_basename = 'cloudkittydoc'
list conf.latex_documents
bool conf.latex_domain_indices = False
dictionary conf.latex_elements
bool conf.latex_use_xindy = False