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user_ops.h File Reference
#include <ctype.h>
#include <syslog.h>
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#define NATIVE_AUTH_UID   (-1)
#define RENAMEUSER_OK   0




int hash (char *str)
int is_aide (void)
int is_room_aide (void)
int CtdlCheckInternetMailPermission (struct ctdluser *who)
void rebuild_usersbynumber (void)
void session_startup (void)
void logged_in_response (void)
int purge_user (char *pname)
int getuserbyuid (struct ctdluser *usbuf, uid_t number)
int create_user (char *newusername, int become_user, uid_t uid)
void do_login (void)
int CtdlInvtKick (char *iuser, int op)
void ForEachUser (void(*CallBack)(char *, void *out_data), void *in_data)
int NewMailCount (void)
int InitialMailCheck (void)
void put_visit (visit *newvisit)
int GenerateRelationshipIndex (char *IndexBuf, long RoomID, long RoomGen, long UserID)
int CtdlAssociateSystemUser (char *screenname, char *loginname)
void CtdlSetPassword (char *new_pw)
int CtdlForgetThisRoom (void)
void cmd_newu (char *cmdbuf)
void start_chkpwd_daemon (void)
int rename_user (char *oldname, char *newname)
void reindex_user_928 (char *username, void *out_data)
void makeuserkey (char *key, const char *username)
int CtdlUserCmp (char *s1, char *s2)
int internal_create_user (char *username, struct ctdluser *usbuf, uid_t uid)

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#define NATIVE_AUTH_UID   (-1)

Definition at line 34 of file user_ops.h.



Definition at line 56 of file user_ops.h.



Definition at line 54 of file user_ops.h.



Definition at line 55 of file user_ops.h.


#define RENAMEUSER_OK   0

Definition at line 53 of file user_ops.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 30 of file user_ops.h.

Function Documentation

◆ cmd_newu()

◆ create_user()

◆ CtdlAssociateSystemUser()

int CtdlAssociateSystemUser ( char *  screenname,
char *  loginname 

◆ CtdlCheckInternetMailPermission()

int CtdlCheckInternetMailPermission ( struct ctdluser who)

Definition at line 312 of file user_ops.c.

References ctdluser::axlevel, CtdlGetConfigInt(), ctdluser::flags, and US_INTERNET.

Referenced by cmd_ent0(), and smtp_rcpt().

◆ CtdlForgetThisRoom()

◆ CtdlInvtKick()

int CtdlInvtKick ( char *  iuser,
int  op 

◆ CtdlSetPassword()

void CtdlSetPassword ( char *  new_pw)

◆ CtdlUserCmp()

int CtdlUserCmp ( char *  s1,
char *  s2 

Definition at line 52 of file user_ops.c.

References makeuserkey(), and USERNAME_SIZE.

Referenced by cmd_asea().

◆ do_login()

◆ ForEachUser()

◆ GenerateRelationshipIndex()

int GenerateRelationshipIndex ( char *  IndexBuf,
long  RoomID,
long  RoomGen,
long  UserID 

Definition at line 228 of file user_ops.c.

Referenced by CtdlGetRelationship(), PurgeVisits(), and put_visit().

◆ getuserbyuid()

int getuserbyuid ( struct ctdluser usbuf,
uid_t  number 

◆ hash()

int hash ( char *  str)

◆ InitialMailCheck()

◆ internal_create_user()

◆ is_aide()

int is_aide ( void  )

Definition at line 371 of file user_ops.c.

References CC.

Referenced by CtdlForgetThisRoom().

◆ is_room_aide()

◆ logged_in_response()

void logged_in_response ( void  )

Definition at line 651 of file user_ops.c.

References CC, CIT_OK, and cprintf().

Referenced by cmd_newu(), cmd_oidf(), and cmd_pass().

◆ makeuserkey()

void makeuserkey ( char *  key,
const char *  username 

◆ NewMailCount()

int NewMailCount ( void  )

Definition at line 1122 of file user_ops.c.

References CC.

Referenced by CtdlUserGoto().

◆ purge_user()

int purge_user ( char *  pname)

◆ put_visit()

void put_visit ( visit newvisit)

◆ rebuild_usersbynumber()

void rebuild_usersbynumber ( void  )

Definition at line 427 of file user_ops.c.

References cdb_trunc(), CDB_USERSBYNUMBER, ForEachUser(), and rebuild_ubn_for_user().

Referenced by migr_do_import(), and pre_startup_upgrades().

◆ reindex_user_928()

void reindex_user_928 ( char *  username,
void *  out_data 

◆ rename_user()

◆ session_startup()

void session_startup ( void  )

◆ start_chkpwd_daemon()

void start_chkpwd_daemon ( void  )

Definition at line 735 of file user_ops.c.

References chkpwd_read_pipe, chkpwd_write_pipe, and file_chkpwd.

Referenced by main().