About: Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications (preferred OS: Linux).
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sysconfig.h File Reference
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#define NLI   "(not logged in)"
#define MAXFLOORS   16
#define SIZ   4096
#define SMTP_DELIVER_WARN   14400
#define SMTP_DELIVER_FAIL   432000
#define BOUNCESOURCE   "Citadel Mail Delivery Subsystem"
#define BASEROOM   "Lobby"
#define MAILROOM   "Mail"
#define SENTITEMS   "Sent Items"
#define AIDEROOM   "Aide"
#define USERCONFIGROOM   "My Citadel Config"
#define USERCALENDARROOM   "Calendar"
#define USERTASKSROOM   "Tasks"
#define USERCONTACTSROOM   "Contacts"
#define USERNOTESROOM   "Notes"
#define USERDRAFTROOM   "Drafts"
#define USERTRASHROOM   "Trash"
#define PAGELOGROOM   "Sent/Received Pages"
#define SYSCONFIGROOM   "Local System Configuration"
#define SMTP_SPOOLOUT_ROOM   "__CitadelSMTPspoolout__"
#define ADDRESS_BOOK_ROOM   "Global Address Book"
#define USETABLE_RETAIN   864000L
#define THREADSTACKSIZE   0x100000
#define FT_MAX_CACHE   25

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#define ADDRESS_BOOK_ROOM   "Global Address Book"

Definition at line 51 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by cmd_auto(), ctdl_module_init_vcard(), and vcard_upload_aftersave().


#define AIDEROOM   "Aide"

Definition at line 40 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by LogPrintMessages(), and master_startup().


#define BASEROOM   "Lobby"

Definition at line 37 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by brand_new_installation_set_defaults(), and CtdlRoomAccess().


#define BOUNCESOURCE   "Citadel Mail Delivery Subsystem"

Definition at line 34 of file sysconfig.h.


#define FT_MAX_CACHE   25

Definition at line 61 of file sysconfig.h.




#define NLI   "(not logged in)"

Definition at line 11 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by begin_session(), cmd_rwho(), and CtdlTryPassword().


#define PAGELOGROOM   "Sent/Received Pages"

Definition at line 48 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by flush_individual_conversation().


#define SENTITEMS   "Sent Items"

Definition at line 39 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by CtdlSubmitMsg(), do_login(), and imap_getmetadata().


#define SIZ   4096

Definition at line 22 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by blog_upload_beforesave(), check_get(), check_xinetd_entry(), clamd(), client_set_inbound_buf(), cmd_asea(), cmd_asup(), cmd_creu(), cmd_dele(), cmd_dlui(), cmd_ebio(), cmd_einf(), cmd_ent0(), cmd_kill(), cmd_move(), cmd_newu(), cmd_pass(), cmd_rbio(), cmd_rdir(), cmd_read(), cmd_regi(), cmd_seta(), cmd_sexp(), cmd_srch(), cmd_ucls(), cmd_ulri(), cmd_ului(), create_user(), ctdl_libcurl_smtp_debug_callback(), CtdlDirectoryAddUser(), CtdlDirectoryDelUser(), CtdlDirectoryLookup(), CtdlFillSystemContext(), CtdlGetSeen(), CtdlGetSysConfig(), CtdlInvtKick(), CtdlLoginExistingUser(), CtdlReadMessageBodyBuf(), CtdlRegisterServiceHook(), CtdlSetEmailAddressesForUser(), CtdlSetSeen(), CtdlSubmitMsg(), deserialize_inbox_rules(), do_command_loop(), do_imap_match(), DoPurgeMessages(), DumpFormatFixed(), edit_value(), expand_aliases(), ft_index_message(), getconf_int(), getconf_str(), help_subst(), ical_conflicts_phase4(), ical_conflicts_phase5(), ical_saving_vevent(), ical_send_a_reply(), ical_send_out_invitations(), ical_update_my_calendar_with_reply(), imap_append(), imap_auth_login_user(), imap_authenticate(), imap_command_loop(), imap_do_search_msg(), imap_fetch_body(), imap_fetch_bodystructure(), imap_fetch_envelope(), imap_fetch_rfc822(), imap_greeting(), imap_listroom(), imap_load_part(), imap_namespace(), imap_output_envelope_from(), imap_pick_range(), imap_rename_backend(), imap_starttls(), imap_status(), imap_strip_headers(), import_dir(), import_euidindex(), important_message(), inbox_do_msg(), inetcfg_setTo(), iorarf_oneroom(), listdeliver_do_msg(), listdeliver_sweep_room(), loadtest(), main(), main(), message_id_from_msgnum(), ml_sock_gets(), nntp_article(), nntp_starttls(), OutputCtdlMsgHeaders(), OutputRFC822MsgHeaders(), perform_random_thing(), pop3_add_message(), pop3_command_loop(), pop3_pass(), pop3_stls(), pop3_top(), pop3_user(), pop3client_one_mailbox(), pop3client_scan_room(), purge_databases(), rbl_check(), registerImapCMD(), rfc822_fetch_field(), rssclient_scan_room(), send_subscribe_confirmation_email(), send_unsubscribe_confirmation_email(), serv_gets(), serv_gets(), setconf_int(), setconf_str(), setup_accounts(), smtp_aftersave(), smtp_attempt_delivery(), smtp_data(), smtp_do_bounce(), smtp_get_pass(), smtp_get_user(), smtp_greeting(), smtp_mail(), smtp_process_one_msg(), smtp_rcpt(), smtp_starttls(), spam_assassin(), strprompt(), validate_recipients(), vcard_newuser(), vcard_upload_beforesave(), xmpp_xml_chardata(), and yesno().


#define SMTP_DELIVER_FAIL   432000

Definition at line 31 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by smtp_process_one_msg().


#define SMTP_DELIVER_WARN   14400

Definition at line 30 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by smtp_process_one_msg().


#define SMTP_SPOOLOUT_ROOM   "__CitadelSMTPspoolout__"


#define SYSCONFIGROOM   "Local System Configuration"


#define THREADSTACKSIZE   0x100000

Definition at line 57 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by CtdlThreadCreate(), and main().




#define USERCONTACTSROOM   "Contacts"


#define USERDRAFTROOM   "Drafts"

Definition at line 46 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by cmd_ent0(), convert_room_name_macros(), do_login(), and imap_getmetadata().


#define USERNOTESROOM   "Notes"

Definition at line 45 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by convert_room_name_macros(), ical_CtdlCreateRoom(), and imap_getmetadata().


#define USERTASKSROOM   "Tasks"

Definition at line 43 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by convert_room_name_macros(), ical_CtdlCreateRoom(), and imap_getmetadata().


#define USERTRASHROOM   "Trash"

Definition at line 47 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by convert_room_name_macros(), CtdlUserGoto(), and do_login().


#define USETABLE_RETAIN   864000L

Definition at line 54 of file sysconfig.h.

Referenced by PurgeUseTable().