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serv_extensions.h File Reference
#include "server.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ServiceFunctionHook


typedef struct ServiceFunctionHook ServiceFunctionHook


void initialize_server_extensions (void)
int DLoader_Exec_Cmd (char *cmdbuf)
char * Dynamic_Module_Init (void)
void PerformSessionHooks (int EventType)
void PerformUserHooks (struct ctdluser *usbuf, int EventType)
int PerformXmsgHooks (char *, char *, char *, char *)
int PerformMessageHooks (struct CtdlMessage *, struct recptypes *recps, int EventType)
int PerformRoomHooks (struct ctdlroom *)
void PerformDeleteHooks (char *, long)
int PerformFixedOutputHooks (char *, char *, int)
void netcfg_keyname (char *keybuf, long roomnum)



Typedef Documentation

◆ ServiceFunctionHook

Definition at line 11 of file serv_extensions.h.

Function Documentation

◆ DLoader_Exec_Cmd()

int DLoader_Exec_Cmd ( char *  cmdbuf)

Definition at line 232 of file serv_extensions.c.

References ProtoFunctionHook::handler, and ProtoHookList.

Referenced by do_command_loop().

◆ Dynamic_Module_Init()

char * Dynamic_Module_Init ( void  )

◆ initialize_server_extensions()

void initialize_server_extensions ( void  )

◆ netcfg_keyname()

void netcfg_keyname ( char *  keybuf,
long  roomnum 

Definition at line 29 of file netconfig.c.

Referenced by LoadRoomNetConfigFile(), and SaveRoomNetConfigFile().

◆ PerformDeleteHooks()

void PerformDeleteHooks ( char *  room,
long  msgnum 

◆ PerformFixedOutputHooks()

int PerformFixedOutputHooks ( char *  content_type,
char *  content,
int  content_length 

◆ PerformMessageHooks()

int PerformMessageHooks ( struct CtdlMessage msg,
struct recptypes recps,
int  EventType 

◆ PerformRoomHooks()

int PerformRoomHooks ( struct ctdlroom target_room)

◆ PerformSessionHooks()

◆ PerformUserHooks()

void PerformUserHooks ( struct ctdluser usbuf,
int  EventType 

◆ PerformXmsgHooks()

int PerformXmsgHooks ( char *  sender,
char *  sender_email,
char *  recp,
char *  msg 

Variable Documentation

◆ ServiceHookTable