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locate_host.h File Reference
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void locate_host (char *tbuf, size_t n, char *abuf, size_t na, int client_socket)
int rbl_check (char *cs_addr, char *message_to_spammer)
int hostname_to_dotted_quad (char *addr, char *host)
int rblcheck_backend (char *domain, char *txtbuf, int txtbufsize)

Function Documentation

◆ hostname_to_dotted_quad()

int hostname_to_dotted_quad ( char *  addr,
char *  host 

Definition at line 344 of file locate_host.c.

◆ locate_host()

void locate_host ( char *  tbuf,
size_t  n,
char *  abuf,
size_t  na,
int  client_socket 

Definition at line 58 of file locate_host.c.

Referenced by begin_session().

◆ rbl_check()

int rbl_check ( char *  cs_addr,
char *  message_to_spammer 

Definition at line 233 of file locate_host.c.

References get_hosts(), rblcheck_backend(), and SIZ.

Referenced by smtp_greeting(), and smtp_rcpt().

◆ rblcheck_backend()

int rblcheck_backend ( char *  domain,
char *  txtbuf,
int  txtbufsize 

Definition at line 86 of file locate_host.c.

References free(), malloc(), NS_GET16, NS_INT16SZ, NS_INT32SZ, RESULT_SIZE, and server_shutting_down.

Referenced by rbl_check().