About: Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications (preferred OS: Linux).
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1struct jnlq {
2 struct jnlq *next;
4 char *from;
5 char *node;
6 char *rfca;
7 char *subj;
8 char *msgn;
9 char *rfc822;
13 StrBuf *saved_rfc822_version,
14 struct recptypes *recps);
15void JournalRunQueueMsg(struct jnlq *jmsg);
16void JournalRunQueue(void);
void JournalBackgroundSubmit(struct CtdlMessage *msg, StrBuf *saved_rfc822_version, struct recptypes *recps)
Definition: journaling.c:24
void JournalRunQueueMsg(struct jnlq *jmsg)
Definition: journaling.c:83
void JournalRunQueue(void)
Definition: journaling.c:235
Definition: journaling.h:1
char * rfc822
Definition: journaling.h:9
char * subj
Definition: journaling.h:7
char * msgn
Definition: journaling.h:8
struct jnlq * next
Definition: journaling.h:2
char * rfca
Definition: journaling.h:6
struct recptypes recps
Definition: journaling.h:3
char * node
Definition: journaling.h:5
char * from
Definition: journaling.h:4