About: Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications (preferred OS: Linux).
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2#include "server.h"
3#include "ctdl_module.h"
5struct recptypes *validate_recipients(char *recipients, const char *RemoteIdentifier, int Flags);
6void free_recipients(struct recptypes *);
7void process_rfc822_addr(const char *rfc822, char *user, char *node, char *name);
8char *rfc822_fetch_field(const char *rfc822, const char *fieldname);
9void sanitize_truncated_recipient(char *str);
10char *qp_encode_email_addrs(char *source);
11int alias (char *name);
12int IsDirectory(char *addr, int allow_masq_domains);
14int CtdlDirectoryAddUser(char *internet_addr, char *citadel_addr);
15int CtdlDirectoryDelUser(char *internet_addr, char *citadel_addr);
16int CtdlDirectoryLookup(char *target, char *internet_addr, size_t targbuflen);
17void CtdlSetEmailAddressesForUser(char *requested_user, char *new_emailaddrs);
19struct CtdlMessage *convert_internet_message(char *rfc822);
20struct CtdlMessage *convert_internet_message_buf(StrBuf **rfc822);
21int CtdlIsMe(char *addr, int addr_buf_len);
22int CtdlHostAlias(char *fqdn);
24int is_email_subscribed_to_list(char *email, char *room_name);
27 * Values that can be returned by CtdlHostAlias()
28 */
29enum {
35extern char *inetcfg;
struct CtdlMessage * convert_internet_message_buf(StrBuf **rfc822)
int CtdlDirectoryDelUser(char *internet_addr, char *citadel_addr)
int CtdlIsMe(char *addr, int addr_buf_len)
char * inetcfg
int IsDirectory(char *addr, int allow_masq_domains)
void sanitize_truncated_recipient(char *str)
void CtdlRebuildDirectoryIndex(void)
struct CtdlMessage * convert_internet_message(char *rfc822)
int CtdlHostAlias(char *fqdn)
void CtdlSetEmailAddressesForUser(char *requested_user, char *new_emailaddrs)
@ hostalias_masq
@ hostalias_nomatch
@ hostalias_localhost
void process_rfc822_addr(const char *rfc822, char *user, char *node, char *name)
char * harvest_collected_addresses(struct CtdlMessage *msg)
int CtdlDirectoryLookup(char *target, char *internet_addr, size_t targbuflen)
char * rfc822_fetch_field(const char *rfc822, const char *fieldname)
char * qp_encode_email_addrs(char *source)
int alias(char *name)
int is_email_subscribed_to_list(char *email, char *room_name)
void AutoGenerateEmailAddressForUser(struct ctdluser *user)
int CtdlDirectoryAddUser(char *internet_addr, char *citadel_addr)
void free_recipients(struct recptypes *)
struct recptypes * validate_recipients(char *recipients, const char *RemoteIdentifier, int Flags)