About: Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications (preferred OS: Linux).
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3 * since we work with shifted pointers to ConstStrs in some places,
4 * we can't just say we want to cut the n'th of Cmd, we have to pass it in
5 * and rely on that CutMe references Cmd->CmdBuf; else peek won't work out
6 * and len will differ.
7 */
9 ConstStr *CutMe,
10 int n);
12 * since we just move Key around here, Cmd is just here so the syntax is identical.
13 */
15 ConstStr *CutMe,
16 int n);
17void MakeStringOf(StrBuf *Buf, int skip);
20 int nArgs,
21 int Realloc);
24void imap_strout(ConstStr *args);
25void imap_strbuffer(StrBuf *Reply, ConstStr *args);
26void plain_imap_strbuffer(StrBuf *Reply, char *buf);
28long imap_mailboxname(char *buf, int bufsize, struct ctdlroom *qrbuf);
29int imap_roomname(char *buf, int bufsize, const char *foldername);
30int imap_is_message_set(const char *);
31int imap_mailbox_matches_pattern(const char *pattern, char *mailboxname);
32int imap_datecmp(const char *datestr, time_t msgtime);
35/* Imap Append Printf, send to the outbuffer */
36void IAPrintf(const char *Format, ...) __attribute__((__format__(__printf__,1,2)));
38void iaputs(const char *Str, long Len);
39#define IAPuts(Msg) iaputs(HKEY(Msg))
40/* give it a naughty name since its ugly. */
41#define _iaputs(Msg) iaputs(Msg, strlen(Msg))
43/* outputs a static message prepended by the sequence no */
44void ireply(const char *Msg, long len);
45#define IReply(msg) ireply(HKEY(msg))
46/* outputs a dynamic message prepended by the sequence no */
47void IReplyPrintf(const char *Format, ...);
50/* output a string like that {%ld}%s */
51void IPutStr(const char *Msg, long Len);
52#define IPutCStr(_ConstStr) IPutStr(CKEY(_ConstStr))
53#define IPutCParamStr(n) IPutStr(CKEY(Params[n]))
54#define IPutMsgField(Which) IPutStr(CM_KEY(msg, Which))
55void IUnbuffer (void);
void iaputs(const char *Str, long Len)
Definition: imap_tools.c:908
long imap_mailboxname(char *buf, int bufsize, struct ctdlroom *qrbuf)
Definition: imap_tools.c:550
void MakeStringOf(StrBuf *Buf, int skip)
Definition: imap_tools.c:383
int imap_parameterize(citimap_command *Cmd)
Definition: imap_tools.c:468
void ireply(const char *Msg, long len)
Definition: imap_tools.c:914
void TokenCutLeft(citimap_command *Cmd, ConstStr *CutMe, int n)
Definition: imap_tools.c:412
void plain_imap_strbuffer(StrBuf *Reply, char *buf)
void IReplyPrintf(const char *Format,...)
Definition: imap_tools.c:931
void IUnbuffer(void)
Definition: imap_tools.c:986
int imap_mailbox_matches_pattern(const char *pattern, char *mailboxname)
Definition: imap_tools.c:833
void IAPrintf(const char *Format,...)
Definition: imap_tools.c:898
int imap_is_message_set(const char *)
Definition: imap_tools.c:690
int CmdAdjust(citimap_command *Cmd, int nArgs, int Realloc)
Definition: imap_tools.c:428
void imap_strout(ConstStr *args)
void TokenCutRight(citimap_command *Cmd, ConstStr *CutMe, int n)
Definition: imap_tools.c:395
int imap_datecmp(const char *datestr, time_t msgtime)
Definition: imap_tools.c:848
void imap_strbuffer(StrBuf *Reply, ConstStr *args)
void IPutStr(const char *Msg, long Len)
Definition: imap_tools.c:955
int imap_roomname(char *buf, int bufsize, const char *foldername)
Definition: imap_tools.c:601
struct ctdlroom qrbuf
Definition: serv_migrate.c:497