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imap_tools.h File Reference
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#define IAPuts(Msg)   iaputs(HKEY(Msg))
#define _iaputs(Msg)   iaputs(Msg, strlen(Msg))
#define IReply(msg)   ireply(HKEY(msg))
#define IPutCStr(_ConstStr)   IPutStr(CKEY(_ConstStr))
#define IPutCParamStr(n)   IPutStr(CKEY(Params[n]))
#define IPutMsgField(Which)   IPutStr(CM_KEY(msg, Which))


void TokenCutRight (citimap_command *Cmd, ConstStr *CutMe, int n)
void TokenCutLeft (citimap_command *Cmd, ConstStr *CutMe, int n)
void MakeStringOf (StrBuf *Buf, int skip)
int CmdAdjust (citimap_command *Cmd, int nArgs, int Realloc)
void imap_strout (ConstStr *args)
void imap_strbuffer (StrBuf *Reply, ConstStr *args)
void plain_imap_strbuffer (StrBuf *Reply, char *buf)
int imap_parameterize (citimap_command *Cmd)
long imap_mailboxname (char *buf, int bufsize, struct ctdlroom *qrbuf)
int imap_roomname (char *buf, int bufsize, const char *foldername)
int imap_is_message_set (const char *)
int imap_mailbox_matches_pattern (const char *pattern, char *mailboxname)
int imap_datecmp (const char *datestr, time_t msgtime)
void IAPrintf (const char *Format,...)
void iaputs (const char *Str, long Len)
void ireply (const char *Msg, long len)
void IReplyPrintf (const char *Format,...)
void IPutStr (const char *Msg, long Len)
void IUnbuffer (void)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ _iaputs

#define _iaputs (   Msg)    iaputs(Msg, strlen(Msg))

Definition at line 41 of file imap_tools.h.

◆ IAPuts

#define IAPuts (   Msg)    iaputs(HKEY(Msg))

Definition at line 39 of file imap_tools.h.

◆ IPutCParamStr

#define IPutCParamStr (   n)    IPutStr(CKEY(Params[n]))

Definition at line 53 of file imap_tools.h.

◆ IPutCStr

#define IPutCStr (   _ConstStr)    IPutStr(CKEY(_ConstStr))

Definition at line 52 of file imap_tools.h.

◆ IPutMsgField

#define IPutMsgField (   Which)    IPutStr(CM_KEY(msg, Which))

Definition at line 54 of file imap_tools.h.

◆ IReply

#define IReply (   msg)    ireply(HKEY(msg))

Definition at line 45 of file imap_tools.h.

Function Documentation

◆ CmdAdjust()

int CmdAdjust ( citimap_command Cmd,
int  nArgs,
int  Realloc 

◆ IAPrintf()

◆ iaputs()

void iaputs ( const char *  Str,
long  Len 

Definition at line 908 of file imap_tools.c.

References IMAP.

Referenced by imap_fetch_body(), imap_fetch_rfc822(), and imap_getacl().

◆ imap_datecmp()

int imap_datecmp ( const char *  datestr,
time_t  msgtime 

Definition at line 848 of file imap_tools.c.

Referenced by imap_do_search_msg().

◆ imap_is_message_set()

int imap_is_message_set ( const char *  buf)

Definition at line 690 of file imap_tools.c.

Referenced by imap_copy(), imap_do_search_msg(), imap_store(), imap_uidcopy(), and imap_uidstore().

◆ imap_mailbox_matches_pattern()

int imap_mailbox_matches_pattern ( const char *  pattern,
char *  mailboxname 

Definition at line 833 of file imap_tools.c.

References do_imap_match(), and WILDMAT_TRUE.

Referenced by imap_list_floors(), and imap_listroom().

◆ imap_mailboxname()

long imap_mailboxname ( char *  buf,
int  bufsize,
struct ctdlroom qrbuf 

◆ imap_parameterize()

◆ imap_roomname()

int imap_roomname ( char *  buf,
int  bufsize,
const char *  foldername 

◆ imap_strbuffer()

void imap_strbuffer ( StrBuf *  Reply,
ConstStr *  args 

◆ imap_strout()

void imap_strout ( ConstStr *  args)

◆ IPutStr()

◆ ireply()

void ireply ( const char *  Msg,
long  len 

Definition at line 914 of file imap_tools.c.

References __citimap::Cmd, IMAP, __citimap_command::Params, and __citimap::Reply.

◆ IReplyPrintf()

void IReplyPrintf ( const char *  Format,

◆ IUnbuffer()

void IUnbuffer ( void  )

Definition at line 986 of file imap_tools.c.

References cputbuf(), IMAP, and __citimap::Reply.

Referenced by imap_append(), imap_command_loop(), and imap_greeting().

◆ MakeStringOf()

void MakeStringOf ( StrBuf *  Buf,
int  skip 

◆ plain_imap_strbuffer()

void plain_imap_strbuffer ( StrBuf *  Reply,
char *  buf 

◆ TokenCutLeft()

void TokenCutLeft ( citimap_command Cmd,
ConstStr *  CutMe,
int  n 

Definition at line 412 of file imap_tools.c.

Referenced by imap_do_search(), and imap_list().

◆ TokenCutRight()

void TokenCutRight ( citimap_command Cmd,
ConstStr *  CutMe,
int  n 

Definition at line 395 of file imap_tools.c.

References __citimap_command::CmdBuf.

Referenced by imap_do_search(), and imap_list().