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imap_fetch.h File Reference
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void imap_pick_range (const char *range, int is_uid)
void imap_fetch (int num_parms, ConstStr *Params)
void imap_uidfetch (int num_parms, ConstStr *Params)
void imap_fetch_flags (int seq)
int imap_extract_data_items (citimap_command *Cmd)

Function Documentation

◆ imap_extract_data_items()

◆ imap_fetch()

void imap_fetch ( int  num_parms,
ConstStr *  Params 

◆ imap_fetch_flags()

void imap_fetch_flags ( int  seq)

Definition at line 60 of file imap_fetch.c.

References __citimap::flags, IAPuts, IMAP, IMAP_ANSWERED, IMAP_DELETED, IMAP_RECENT, and IMAP_SEEN.

Referenced by imap_do_fetch_msg(), and imap_do_store().

◆ imap_pick_range()

void imap_pick_range ( const char *  range,
int  is_uid 

◆ imap_uidfetch()