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ft_wordbreaker.h File Reference
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#define FT_WORDBREAKER_ID   0x0021
#define WB_MIN   4
#define WB_MAX   40


void wordbreaker (const char *text, int *num_tokens, int **tokens)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FT_WORDBREAKER_ID   0x0021

Definition at line 18 of file ft_wordbreaker.h.


#define WB_MAX   40

Definition at line 24 of file ft_wordbreaker.h.


#define WB_MIN   4

Definition at line 23 of file ft_wordbreaker.h.

Function Documentation

◆ wordbreaker()

void wordbreaker ( const char *  text,
int *  num_tokens,
int **  tokens 

Definition at line 129 of file ft_wordbreaker.c.

References CalcCRC16Bytes(), intcmp(), noise_words, NUM_NOISE, WB_MAX, and WB_MIN.

Referenced by ft_index_message(), and ft_search().