About: Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications (preferred OS: Linux).
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2 * Index messages by EUID per room.
3 */
6/* locate_message_by_euid is deprecated. Use CtdlLocateMessageByEuid instead */
7long locate_message_by_euid(char *euid, struct ctdlroom *qrbuf) __attribute__ ((deprecated));
8void index_message_by_euid(char *euid, struct ctdlroom *qrbuf, long msgnum);
9void rebuild_euid_index(void);
void rebuild_euid_index(void)
Definition: euidindex.c:159
long locate_message_by_euid(char *euid, struct ctdlroom *qrbuf)
Definition: euidindex.c:48
void index_message_by_euid(char *euid, struct ctdlroom *qrbuf, long msgnum)
Definition: euidindex.c:84
int DoesThisRoomNeedEuidIndexing(struct ctdlroom *qrbuf)
Definition: euidindex.c:28
struct ctdlroom qrbuf
Definition: serv_migrate.c:497