About: Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications (preferred OS: Linux).
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1// Copyright (c) 1987-2023 by the team
2// This program is open source software. Use, duplication, or disclosure
3// are subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.
5// These functions comprise an interface between Citadel Server and a database backend.
7#ifndef DATABASE_H
8#define DATABASE_H
10extern void cdb_init_backends(void);
11extern void cdb_chmod_data(void);
13extern void (*cdb_open_databases)(void);
14extern void (*cdb_close_databases)(void);
15extern int (*cdb_store)(int, const void *, int, void *, int);
16extern int (*cdb_delete)(int, void *, int);
17extern struct cdbkeyval (*cdb_next_item)(int);
18extern void (*cdb_close_cursor)(int);
19extern void (*cdb_begin_transaction)(void);
20extern void (*cdb_end_transaction)(void);
21extern void (*cdb_check_handles)(void);
22extern void (*cdb_trunc)(int);
23extern void (*check_handles)(void *);
24extern struct cdbdata (*cdb_fetch)(int, const void *, int);
25extern void (*cdb_checkpoint)(void);
26extern void (*cdb_compact)(void);
27extern void (*cdb_rewind)(int);
28extern void (*cdb_tick)(void);
void(* cdb_check_handles)(void)
Definition database.c:36
void(* cdb_open_databases)(void)
Definition database.c:27
struct cdbkeyval(* cdb_next_item)(int)
Definition database.c:32
void cdb_chmod_data(void)
Definition database.c:52
void(* cdb_begin_transaction)(void)
Definition database.c:34
void(* cdb_close_databases)(void)
Definition database.c:28
struct cdbdata(* cdb_fetch)(int, const void *, int)
Definition database.c:29
int(* cdb_delete)(int, void *, int)
Definition database.c:31
void cdb_init_backends(void)
Definition database.c:45
void(* cdb_end_transaction)(void)
Definition database.c:35
void(* cdb_close_cursor)(int)
Definition database.c:33
int(* cdb_store)(int, const void *, int, void *, int)
Definition database.c:30
void(* check_handles)(void *)
Definition database.c:38
void(* cdb_rewind)(int)
Definition database.c:41
void(* cdb_checkpoint)(void)
Definition database.c:40
void(* cdb_trunc)(int)
Definition database.c:37
void(* cdb_compact)(void)
Definition database.c:39
void(* cdb_tick)(void)
Definition database.c:42