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database.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  CtdlCompressHeader


#define COMPRESS_MAGIC   0xc0ffeeee


void open_databases (void)
void close_databases (void)
int cdb_store (int cdb, const void *key, int keylen, void *data, int datalen)
int cdb_delete (int cdb, void *key, int keylen)
struct cdbdatacdb_fetch (int cdb, const void *key, int keylen)
void cdb_free (struct cdbdata *cdb)
void cdb_rewind (int cdb)
struct cdbdatacdb_next_item (int cdb)
void cdb_close_cursor (int cdb)
void cdb_begin_transaction (void)
void cdb_end_transaction (void)
void cdb_allocate_tsd (void)
void cdb_free_tsd (void)
void cdb_check_handles (void)
void cdb_trunc (int cdb)
void * checkpoint_thread (void *arg)
void cdb_chmod_data (void)
void cdb_checkpoint (void)
void check_handles (void *arg)
void cdb_cull_logs (void)
void cdb_compact (void)
int CheckIfAlreadySeen (StrBuf *guid)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define COMPRESS_MAGIC   0xc0ffeeee

Definition at line 49 of file database.h.

Function Documentation

◆ cdb_allocate_tsd()

void cdb_allocate_tsd ( void  )

◆ cdb_begin_transaction()

void cdb_begin_transaction ( void  )

Definition at line 683 of file database.c.

References bailIfCursor(), cdb_abort(), TSD, and txbegin().

Referenced by check_ref_counts().

◆ cdb_check_handles()

void cdb_check_handles ( void  )

◆ cdb_checkpoint()

void cdb_checkpoint ( void  )

◆ cdb_chmod_data()

void cdb_chmod_data ( void  )

Definition at line 280 of file database.c.

References ctdl_db_dir, and CTDLUID.

Referenced by main().

◆ cdb_close_cursor()

void cdb_close_cursor ( int  cdb)

Definition at line 612 of file database.c.

References cclose(), and TSD.

Referenced by cdb_next_item(), and cmd_gnur().

◆ cdb_compact()

void cdb_compact ( void  )

Definition at line 759 of file database.c.

References dbp, and MAXCDB.

Referenced by purge_databases().

◆ cdb_cull_logs()

void cdb_cull_logs ( void  )

◆ cdb_delete()

◆ cdb_end_transaction()

void cdb_end_transaction ( void  )

Definition at line 695 of file database.c.

References cclose(), cdb_abort(), MAXCDB, TSD, and txcommit().

Referenced by check_ref_counts().

◆ cdb_fetch()

◆ cdb_free()

◆ cdb_free_tsd()

void cdb_free_tsd ( void  )

◆ cdb_next_item()

◆ cdb_rewind()

◆ cdb_store()

◆ cdb_trunc()

void cdb_trunc ( int  cdb)

◆ check_handles()

void check_handles ( void *  arg)

◆ CheckIfAlreadySeen()

int CheckIfAlreadySeen ( StrBuf *  guid)

◆ checkpoint_thread()

void * checkpoint_thread ( void *  arg)

◆ close_databases()

void close_databases ( void  )

Definition at line 305 of file database.c.

References dbenv, dbp, and MAXCDB.

Referenced by master_cleanup().

◆ open_databases()

void open_databases ( void  )

Definition at line 172 of file database.c.

References cdb_verbose_err(), cdb_verbose_log(), ctdl_db_dir, CTDLEXIT_DB, CTDLUID, dbenv, dbp, dbpanic(), and MAXCDB.

Referenced by master_startup().