About: Citadel is an advanced messaging and collaboration system for groupware and BBS applications (preferred OS: Linux).
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config.h File Reference
#include "serv_extensions.h"
#include "citadel_dirs.h"
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Data Structures

struct  legacy_config


void initialize_config_system (void)
void shutdown_config_system (void)
void put_config (void)
void CtdlSetConfigStr (char *, char *)
char * CtdlGetConfigStr (char *)
int CtdlGetConfigInt (char *)
long CtdlGetConfigLong (char *)
void CtdlSetConfigInt (char *key, int value)
void CtdlSetConfigLong (char *key, long value)
void CtdlDelConfig (char *key)
char * CtdlGetSysConfig (char *sysconfname)
void CtdlPutSysConfig (char *sysconfname, char *sysconfdata)
void validate_config (void)
void netcfg_keyname (char *, long)

Function Documentation

◆ CtdlDelConfig()

void CtdlDelConfig ( char *  key)

Definition at line 343 of file config.c.

References CDB_CONFIG, cdb_delete(), and ctdlconfig.

Referenced by CtdlDeleteRoom().

◆ CtdlGetConfigInt()

int CtdlGetConfigInt ( char *  key)

Definition at line 390 of file config.c.

References CtdlGetConfigStr().

Referenced by begin_session(), brand_new_installation_set_defaults(), cdb_checkpoint(), citproto_begin_session(), client_read(), cmd_auto(), cmd_chek(), cmd_conf(), cmd_cre8(), cmd_creu(), cmd_gnur(), cmd_gpex(), cmd_info(), cmd_msgs(), cmd_newu(), cmd_oida(), cmd_oidc(), cmd_oidd(), cmd_oidf(), cmd_oidl(), cmd_oids(), cmd_regi(), cmd_srch(), cmd_user(), config_warn_if_port_unset(), ctdl_ldap_initialize(), ctdl_module_init_imap(), ctdl_module_init_nntp(), ctdl_module_init_openid_rp(), ctdl_module_init_pop3(), ctdl_module_init_smtp(), ctdl_module_init_vcard(), ctdl_module_init_xmpp(), CtdlAccessCheck(), CtdlCheckInternetMailPermission(), CtdlDoIHavePermissionToReadMessagesInThisRoom(), CtdlForgetThisRoom(), CtdlLoginExistingUser(), CtdlRegisterServiceHook(), CtdlRoomAccess(), CtdlSubmitMsg(), CtdlSynchronizeUsersFromLDAP(), CtdlTryPassword(), CtdlTryUserLDAP(), derive_fullname_from_ldap_result(), derive_uid_from_ldap(), do_fulltext_indexing(), do_login(), ft_delete_remove(), GetExpirePolicy(), go_threading(), imap_append(), imap_do_search(), imap_do_search_msg(), initialize_config_system(), internal_create_user(), main(), master_startup(), nntp_authinfo_user(), openid_create_user_via_ax(), pre_startup_upgrades(), purge_databases(), PurgeUsers(), set_mm_valid(), smtp_attempt_delivery(), smtp_data(), smtp_greeting(), smtp_mail(), smtp_rcpt(), spam_assassin(), vcard_newuser(), vcard_session_login_hook(), vcard_upload_beforesave(), and worker_thread().

◆ CtdlGetConfigLong()

◆ CtdlGetConfigStr()

char * CtdlGetConfigStr ( char *  key)

◆ CtdlGetSysConfig()

◆ CtdlPutSysConfig()

void CtdlPutSysConfig ( char *  sysconfname,
char *  sysconfdata 

◆ CtdlSetConfigInt()

◆ CtdlSetConfigLong()

◆ CtdlSetConfigStr()

◆ initialize_config_system()

◆ netcfg_keyname()

void netcfg_keyname ( char *  keybuf,
long  roomnum 

Definition at line 29 of file netconfig.c.

Referenced by CtdlDeleteRoom().

◆ put_config()

void put_config ( void  )

◆ shutdown_config_system()

void shutdown_config_system ( void  )

Definition at line 302 of file config.c.

References ctdlconfig.

Referenced by master_cleanup().

◆ validate_config()

void validate_config ( void  )

Definition at line 40 of file config.c.

References config_warn_if_empty(), config_warn_if_port_unset(), and ctdluid.

Referenced by master_startup().