cheetah  3-3.2.6.post2
About: Cheetah3 is a template engine and code generation tool for e.g. for Web development or Java, SQL, LaTeX, form email ... (written in Python).
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namespace  SetupConfig


string = 'Cheetah3'
string SetupConfig.description = "Cheetah is a template engine and code generation tool"
string SetupConfig.license = "MIT"
string = "Tavis Rudd"
string SetupConfig.author_email = ""
string SetupConfig.maintainer = "Oleg Broytman"
string SetupConfig.maintainer_email = ""
string SetupConfig.url = ""
string SetupConfig.dev_tag = ""
string SetupConfig.download_url = "" \
dictionary SetupConfig.project_urls
list SetupConfig.keywords = ["template"]
string SetupConfig.platforms = "Any"
list SetupConfig.packages
list SetupConfig.classifiers = [line.strip() for line in .splitlines() if not line.strip().startswith('#')]
list SetupConfig.ext_modules
tuple SetupConfig.scripts
list SetupConfig.data_files = ['recursive: Cheetah *.tmpl *.txt *.rst LICENSE README.rst TODO']
dictionary SetupConfig.entry_points
string SetupConfig.long_description
string SetupConfig.long_description_content_type = "text/x-rst"
string SetupConfig.python_requires = '>=2.7, !=3.0.*, !=3.1.*, !=3.2.*, !=3.3.*'
dictionary SetupConfig.extras_require