cfengine  3.15.4
About: CFEngine is a configuration management system for configuring and maintaining Unix-like computers (using an own high level policy language). Community version.
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1 /*
2  Copyright 2019 AS
4  This file is part of CFEngine 3 - written and maintained by AS.
6  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
7  under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
8  Free Software Foundation; version 3.
10  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  GNU General Public License for more details.
15  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
17  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA
19  To the extent this program is licensed as part of the Enterprise
20  versions of CFEngine, the applicable Commercial Open Source License
21  (COSL) may apply to this file if you as a licensee so wish it. See
22  included file COSL.txt.
23 */
25 /* This is a root node in the syntax tree */
27 #include <mod_common.h>
29 #include <mod_environ.h>
30 #include <mod_outputs.h>
31 #include <mod_access.h>
32 #include <mod_storage.h>
33 #include <mod_databases.h>
34 #include <mod_packages.h>
35 #include <mod_report.h>
36 #include <mod_files.h>
37 #include <mod_exec.h>
38 #include <mod_methods.h>
39 #include <mod_process.h>
40 #include <mod_services.h>
41 #include <mod_measurement.h>
42 #include <mod_knowledge.h>
43 #include <mod_users.h>
45 #include <conversion.h>
46 #include <policy.h>
47 #include <syntax.h>
49 #define CF_LOGRANGE "stdout|udp_syslog|(\042?[a-zA-Z]:\\\\.*)|(/.*)"
53  "Variable contains existing data type contstraint %s, tried to "
54  "redefine with %s";
55 static const char *const POLICY_ERROR_VARS_PROMISER_NUMERICAL =
56  "Variable promises cannot have a purely numerical name (promiser)";
57 static const char *const POLICY_ERROR_VARS_PROMISER_INVALID =
58  "Variable promise is using an invalid name (promiser)";
60  "Classes promises cannot have a purely numerical name (promiser)";
62 static bool ActionCheck(const Body *body, Seq *errors)
63 {
64  bool success = true;
66  if (BodyHasConstraint(body, "log_kept")
67  || BodyHasConstraint(body, "log_repaired")
68  || BodyHasConstraint(body, "log_failed"))
69  {
70  if (!BodyHasConstraint(body, "log_string"))
71  {
72  SeqAppend(errors, PolicyErrorNew(POLICY_ELEMENT_TYPE_BODY, body, "An action body with log_kept, log_repaired or log_failed is required to have a log_string attribute"));
73  success = false;
74  }
75  }
77  return success;
78 }
81 {
83  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("action_policy", "fix,warn,nop", "Whether to repair or report about non-kept promises", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
84  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("ifelapsed", CF_VALRANGE, "Number of minutes before next allowed assessment of promise. Default value: control body value", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
85  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("expireafter", CF_VALRANGE, "Number of minutes before a repair action is interrupted and retried. Default value: control body value", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
86  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("log_string", "", "A message to be written to the log when a promise verification leads to a repair", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
87  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("log_level", "inform,verbose,error,log", "The reporting level sent to syslog", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
88  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("log_kept", CF_LOGRANGE,"This should be filename of a file to which log_string will be saved, if undefined it goes to the system logger", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
89  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("log_priority", "emergency,alert,critical,error,warning,notice,info,debug","The priority level of the log message, as interpreted by a syslog server", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
90  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("log_repaired", CF_LOGRANGE,"This should be filename of a file to which log_string will be saved, if undefined it goes to the system logger", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
91  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("log_failed", CF_LOGRANGE,"This should be filename of a file to which log_string will be saved, if undefined it goes to the system logger", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
92  ConstraintSyntaxNewReal("value_kept", CF_REALRANGE, "A real number value attributed to keeping this promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
93  ConstraintSyntaxNewReal("value_repaired", CF_REALRANGE, "A real number value attributed to reparing this promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
94  ConstraintSyntaxNewReal("value_notkept", CF_REALRANGE, "A real number value (possibly negative) attributed to not keeping this promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
95  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("audit", "true/false switch for detailed audit records of this promise. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
96  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("background", "true/false switch for parallelizing the promise repair. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
97  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("report_level", "inform,verbose,error,log", "The reporting level for standard output for this promise. Default value: none", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
98  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("measurement_class", "", "If set performance will be measured and recorded under this identifier", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
100 };
105 {
107  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("scope", "namespace,bundle", "Scope of the contexts set by this body", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
108  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("promise_repaired", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be defined globally", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
109  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("repair_failed", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be defined globally", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
110  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("repair_denied", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be defined globally", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
111  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("repair_timeout", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be defined globally", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
112  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("promise_kept", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be defined globally", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
113  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("cancel_kept", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be cancelled if the promise is kept", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
114  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("cancel_repaired", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be cancelled if the promise is repaired", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
115  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("cancel_notkept", CF_IDRANGE, "A list of classes to be cancelled if the promise is not kept for any reason", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
116  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("kept_returncodes", CF_INTLISTRANGE, "A list of return codes indicating a kept command-related promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
117  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("repaired_returncodes", CF_INTLISTRANGE,"A list of return codes indicating a repaired command-related promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
118  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("failed_returncodes", CF_INTLISTRANGE, "A list of return codes indicating a failed command-related promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
119  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("persist_time", CF_VALRANGE, "A number of minutes the specified classes should remain active", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
120  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("timer_policy", "absolute,reset", "Whether a persistent class restarts its counter when rediscovered. Default value: reset", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
122 };
127 {
128  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("string", "", "A scalar string", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
129  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("int", CF_INTRANGE, "A scalar integer", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
130  ConstraintSyntaxNewReal("real", CF_REALRANGE, "A scalar real number", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
131  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("slist", "", "A list of scalar strings", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
132  ConstraintSyntaxNewIntList("ilist", "A list of integers", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
133  ConstraintSyntaxNewRealList("rlist", "A list of real numbers", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
134  ConstraintSyntaxNewContainer("data", "A data container", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
135  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("policy", "free,overridable,constant,ifdefined", "The policy for (dis)allowing (re)definition of variables", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
137 };
139 static bool CheckIdentifierNotPurelyNumerical(const char *identifier)
140 {
141  if (*identifier == '\0')
142  {
143  return true;
144  }
146  for (const char *check = identifier; *check != '\0' && check - identifier < CF_BUFSIZE; check++)
147  {
148  if (!isdigit(*check))
149  {
150  return true;
151  }
152  }
154  return false;
155 }
157 static bool VarsParseTreeCheck(const Promise *pp, Seq *errors)
158 {
159  bool success = true;
162  {
165  success = false;
166  }
169  {
172  success = false;
173  }
175  // ensure variables are declared with only one type.
176  {
177  char *data_type = NULL;
179  for (size_t i = 0; i < SeqLength(pp->conlist); i++)
180  {
181  Constraint *cp = SeqAt(pp->conlist, i);
184  {
185  if (data_type != NULL)
186  {
189  data_type, cp->lval));
190  success = false;
191  }
192  data_type = cp->lval;
193  }
194  }
195  }
197  return success;
198 }
201 {
202  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("string", "", "A scalar string", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
203  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("slist", "", "A list of scalar strings", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
204  ConstraintSyntaxNewContainer("data", "A data container", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
206 };
209 {
210  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("if_match_regex", "", "If this regular expression matches the current value of the variable, replace it with default", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
211  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("string", "", "A scalar string", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
212  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("slist", "", "A list of scalar strings", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
214 };
218 {
219  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("scope", "namespace,bundle", "Scope of the class set by this promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
220  ConstraintSyntaxNewContextList("and", "Combine class sources with AND", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
221  ConstraintSyntaxNewRealList("dist", "Generate a probabilistic class distribution (from strategies in cfengine 2)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
222  ConstraintSyntaxNewContext("expression", "Evaluate string expression of classes in normal form", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
223  ConstraintSyntaxNewContextList("or", "Combine class sources with inclusive OR", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
224  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("persistence", CF_VALRANGE, "Make the class persistent (cached) to avoid reevaluation, time in minutes", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
225  ConstraintSyntaxNewContext("not", "Evaluate the negation of string expression in normal form", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
226  ConstraintSyntaxNewContextList("select_class", "Select one of the named list of classes to define based on host identity. Default value: random_selection", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
227  ConstraintSyntaxNewContextList("xor", "Combine class sources with XOR", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
229 };
231 static bool ClassesParseTreeCheck(const Promise *pp, Seq *errors)
232 {
233  bool success = true;
236  {
239  success = false;
240  }
242  return success;
243 }
246 {
247  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("bundlesequence", ".*", "List of promise bundles to verify in order", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
248  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("goal_patterns", "", "A list of regular expressions that match promisees/topics considered to be organizational goals", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
249  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("ignore_missing_bundles", "If any bundles in the bundlesequence do not exist, ignore and continue. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
250  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("ignore_missing_inputs", "If any input files do not exist, ignore and continue. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
251  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("inputs", ".*", "List of additional filenames to parse for promises", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
252  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("version", "", "Scalar version string for this configuration", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
253  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("lastseenexpireafter", CF_VALRANGE, "Number of minutes after which last-seen entries are purged. Default value: one week", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
254  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("output_prefix", "", "The string prefix for standard output", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
255  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("domain", ".*", "Specify the domain name for this host", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
256  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("require_comments", "Warn about promises that do not have comment documentation. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
257  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("host_licenses_paid", CF_VALRANGE, "This promise is deprecated since CFEngine version 3.1 and is ignored. Default value: 25", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
258  ConstraintSyntaxNewContextList("site_classes", "A list of classes that will represent geographical site locations for hosts. These should be defined elsewhere in the configuration in a classes promise.", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
259  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("syslog_host", CF_IPRANGE, "The name or address of a host to which syslog messages should be sent directly by UDP. Default value: localhost", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
260  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("syslog_port", CF_VALRANGE, "The port number of a UDP syslog service. Default value: 514", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
261  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("fips_mode", "Activate full FIPS mode restrictions. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
262  ConstraintSyntaxNewReal("bwlimit", CF_VALRANGE, "Limit outgoing protocol bandwidth in Bytes per second", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
263  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("cache_system_functions", "Cache the result of system functions. Default value: true", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
264  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("protocol_version", "0,undefined,1,classic,2,latest", "CFEngine protocol version to use when connecting to the server. Default: \"latest\"", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
265  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("tls_ciphers", "", "List of acceptable ciphers in outgoing TLS connections, defaults to OpenSSL's default. For syntax help see man page for \"openssl ciphers\"", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
266  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("tls_min_version", "", "Minimum acceptable TLS version for outgoing connections, defaults to OpenSSL's default", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
267  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("package_inventory", ".*", "Name of the package manager used for software inventory management", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
268  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("package_module", ".*", "Name of the default package manager", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
270 };
273 {
274  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("abortclasses", ".*", "A list of classes which if defined in an agent bundle lead to termination of cf-agent", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
275  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("abortbundleclasses", ".*", "A list of classes which if defined lead to termination of current bundle", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
276  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("addclasses", ".*", "A list of classes to be defined always in the current context", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
277  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("agentaccess", ".*", "A list of user names allowed to execute cf-agent", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
278  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("agentfacility", CF_FACILITY, "The syslog facility for cf-agent. Default value: LOG_USER", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
279  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("allclassesreport", "Generate allclasses.txt report", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
280  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("alwaysvalidate", "true/false flag to determine whether configurations will always be checked before executing, or only after updates", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
281  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("auditing", "This option is deprecated, does nothing and is kept for backward compatibility. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
282  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("binarypaddingchar", "", "Character used to pad unequal replacements in binary editing. Default value: space (ASC=32)", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
283  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("bindtointerface", ".*", "Use this interface for outgoing connections", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
284  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("hashupdates", "true/false whether stored hashes are updated when change is detected in source. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
285  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("childlibpath", ".*", "LD_LIBRARY_PATH for child processes", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
286  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("checksum_alert_time", "0,60", "The persistence time for the checksum_alert class. Default value: 10 mins", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
287  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("defaultcopytype", "mtime,atime,ctime,digest,hash,binary", "ctime or mtime differ", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
288  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("dryrun", "All talk and no action mode. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
289  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("editbinaryfilesize", CF_VALRANGE, "Integer limit on maximum binary file size to be edited. Default value: 100000", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
290  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("editfilesize", CF_VALRANGE, "Integer limit on maximum text file size to be edited. Default value: 100000", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
291  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("environment", "[A-Za-z0-9_]+=.*", "List of environment variables to be inherited by children", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
292  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("exclamation", "true/false print exclamation marks during security warnings. Default value: true", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
293  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("expireafter", CF_VALRANGE, "Global default for time before on-going promise repairs are interrupted. Default value: 1 min", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
294  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("files_single_copy", "", "List of filenames to be watched for multiple-source conflicts", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
295  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("files_auto_define", "", "List of filenames to define classes if copied", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
296  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("hostnamekeys", "true/false label ppkeys by hostname not IP address. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
297  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("ifelapsed", CF_VALRANGE, "Global default for time that must elapse before promise will be rechecked. Default value: 1", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
298  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("inform", "true/false set inform level default. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
299  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("intermittency", "This option is deprecated, does nothing and is kept for backward compatibility. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
300  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("max_children", CF_VALRANGE, "Maximum number of background tasks that should be allowed concurrently. Default value: 1 concurrent agent promise", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
301  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("maxconnections", CF_VALRANGE, "Maximum number of outgoing connections to cf-serverd. Default value: 30 remote queries", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
302  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("mountfilesystems", "true/false mount any filesystems promised. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
303  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("nonalphanumfiles", "true/false warn about filenames with no alphanumeric content. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
304  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("repchar", ".", "The character used to canonize pathnames in the file repository. Default value: _", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
305  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("refresh_processes", CF_IDRANGE, "Reload the process table before verifying the bundles named in this list (lazy evaluation)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
306  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("default_repository", CF_ABSPATHRANGE, "Path to the default file repository. Default value: in situ", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
307  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("secureinput", "true/false check whether input files are writable by unauthorized users. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
308  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("sensiblecount", CF_VALRANGE, "Minimum number of files a mounted filesystem is expected to have. Default value: 2 files", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
309  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("sensiblesize", CF_VALRANGE, "Minimum number of bytes a mounted filesystem is expected to have. Default value: 1000 bytes", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
310  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("skipidentify", "Do not send IP/name during server connection because address resolution is broken. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
311  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("suspiciousnames", "", "List of names to skip and warn about if found during any file search", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
312  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("syslog", "true/false switches on output to syslog at the inform level. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
313  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("track_value", "true/false switches on tracking of promise valuation. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
314  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("timezone", "", "List of allowed timezones this machine must comply with", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
315  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("default_timeout", CF_VALRANGE, "Maximum time a network connection should attempt to connect. Default value: 10 seconds", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
316  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("verbose", "true/false switches on verbose standard output. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
317  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("report_class_log", "true/false enables logging classes at the end of agent execution. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
318  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("select_end_match_eof", "Set the default behavior of select_end_match_eof in edit_line promises. Default: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
320 };
323 {
324  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("allowallconnects", "","List of IPs or hostnames that may have more than one connection to the server port", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
325  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("allowconnects", "", "List of IPs or hostnames that may connect to the server port", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
326  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("allowusers", "", "List of usernames who may execute requests from this server", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
327  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("auditing", "true/false activate auditing of server connections. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
328  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("bindtointerface", "", "IP of the interface to which the server should bind on multi-homed hosts", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
329  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("cfruncommand", CF_PATHRANGE, "Path to the cf-agent command or cf-execd wrapper for remote execution", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
330  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("call_collect_interval", CF_VALRANGE, "The interval in minutes in between collect calls to the policy hub offering a tunnel for report collection (Enterprise)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
331  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("collect_window", CF_VALRANGE, "A time in seconds that a collect-call tunnel remains open to a hub to attempt a report transfer before it is closed (Enterprise)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
332  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("denybadclocks", "true/false accept connections from hosts with clocks that are out of sync. Default value: true", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
333  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("denyconnects", "", "List of IPs or hostnames that may NOT connect to the server port", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
334  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("dynamicaddresses", "", "List of IPs or hostnames for which the IP/name binding is expected to change", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
335  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("hostnamekeys", "true/false store keys using hostname lookup instead of IP addresses. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
336  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("keycacheTTL", CF_VALRANGE, "Maximum number of hours to hold public keys in the cache. Default value: 24", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
337  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("logallconnections", "true/false causes the server to log all new connections to syslog. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
338  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("logencryptedtransfers", "true/false log all successful transfers required to be encrypted. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
339  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("maxconnections", CF_VALRANGE, "Maximum number of connections that will be accepted by cf-serverd. Default value: 30 remote queries", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
340  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("port", "1,65535", "Default port for cfengine server. Default value: 5308", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
341  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("serverfacility", CF_FACILITY, "Menu option for syslog facility level. Default value: LOG_USER", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
342  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("skipverify", "", "This option is deprecated, does nothing and is kept for backward compatibility.", SYNTAX_STATUS_DEPRECATED),
343  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("trustkeysfrom", "", "List of IPs from whom we accept public keys on trust", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
344  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("listen", "true/false enable server daemon to listen on defined port. Default value: true", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
345  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("allowciphers", "", "List of ciphers the server accepts. For Syntax help see man page for \"openssl ciphers\". Default is \"AES256-GCM-SHA384:AES256-SHA\"", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
346  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("allowlegacyconnects", "", "List of IPs from whom we accept legacy protocol connections", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
347  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("allowtlsversion", "", "Minimum TLS version allowed for incoming connections", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
349 };
352 {
353  ConstraintSyntaxNewReal("forgetrate", "0,1", "Decimal fraction [0,1] weighting of new values over old in 2d-average computation. Default value: 0.6", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
354  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("monitorfacility", CF_FACILITY, "Menu option for syslog facility. Default value: LOG_USER", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
355  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("histograms", "Ignored, kept for backward compatibility. Default value: true", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
356  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("tcpdump", "true/false use tcpdump if found. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
357  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("tcpdumpcommand", CF_ABSPATHRANGE, "Path to the tcpdump command on this system", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
359 };
362 {
363  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("hosts", "", "List of host or IP addresses to attempt connection with", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
364  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("port", "1,65535", "Default port for cfengine server. Default value: 5308", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
365  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("force_ipv4", "true/false force use of ipv4 in connection. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
366  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("trustkey", "true/false automatically accept all keys on trust from servers. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
367  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("encrypt", "true/false encrypt connections with servers. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
368  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("background_children", "true/false parallelize connections to servers. Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
369  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("max_children", CF_VALRANGE, "Maximum number of simultaneous connections to attempt. Default value: 50 runagents", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
370  ConstraintSyntaxNewBool("output_to_file", "true/false whether to send collected output to file(s). Default value: false", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
371  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("output_directory", CF_ABSPATHRANGE, "Directory where the output is stored", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
372  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("timeout", "1,9999", "Connection timeout, sec", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
374 };
376 const ConstraintSyntax CFEX_CONTROLBODY[] = /* enum cfexcontrol */
377 {
378  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("splaytime", CF_VALRANGE, "Time in minutes to splay this host based on its name hash. Default value: 0", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
379  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("mailfrom", ".*@.*", "Email-address cfengine mail appears to come from", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
380  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("mailto", ".*@.*", "Email-address cfengine mail is sent to", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
381  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("mailsubject", "", "Define a custom mailsubject for the email message", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
382  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("smtpserver", ".*", "Name or IP of a willing smtp server for sending email", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
383  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("mailmaxlines", "0,1000", "Maximum number of lines of output to send by email. Default value: 30", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
384  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("mailfilter_include", "", "Which lines from the cf-agent output will be included in emails (regular expression)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
385  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("mailfilter_exclude", "", "Which lines from the cf-agent output will be excluded in emails (regular expression)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
386  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("schedule", "", "The class schedule used by cf-execd for activating cf-agent", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
387  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("executorfacility", CF_FACILITY, "Menu option for syslog facility level. Default value: LOG_USER", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
388  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("exec_command", CF_ABSPATHRANGE,"The full path and command to the executable run by default (overriding builtin)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
389  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("agent_expireafter", "0,10080", "Maximum agent runtime (in minutes). Default value: 120", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
391 };
393 // Must be in sync with enum HubControl
395 {
396  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("export_zenoss", CF_PATHRANGE, "Generate report for Zenoss integration", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
397  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("exclude_hosts", "", "A list of IP addresses of hosts to exclude from report collection", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
398  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("hub_schedule", "", "The class schedule used by cf-hub for report collation", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
399  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("query_timeout", "0,300", "Timeout (s) for connecting to host when querying. Default value: 30 (s)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
400  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("port", "1,65535", "Default port for contacting hub nodes. Default value: 5308", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
401  ConstraintSyntaxNewInt("client_history_timeout", "1,65535", "Threshold in hours over which if client did not report, hub will start query for full state of the host and discard all accumulated report history on the client. Default value: 6 hours", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
403 };
405 const ConstraintSyntax file_control_constraints[] = /* enum cfh_control */
406 {
407  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("namespace", "[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*", "Switch to a private namespace to protect current file from duplicate definitions", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
408  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("inputs", ".*", "List of additional filenames to parse for promises", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
410 };
412 const ConstraintSyntax CFRE_CONTROLBODY[] = /* enum cfrecontrol */
413 {
414  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("aggregation_point", CF_ABSPATHRANGE, "The root directory of the data cache for CMDB aggregation", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
415  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("auto_scaling", CF_BOOL, "true/false whether to auto-scale graph output to optimize use of space. Default value: true", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
416  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("build_directory", ".*", "The directory in which to generate output files", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
417  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("csv2xml", "", "A list of csv formatted files in the build directory to convert to simple xml", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
418  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("error_bars", CF_BOOL, "true/false whether to generate error bars on graph output", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
419  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("html_banner", "", "HTML code for a banner to be added to rendered in html after the header", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
420  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("html_embed", CF_BOOL, "If true, no header and footer tags will be added to html output", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
421  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("html_footer", "", "HTML code for a page footer to be added to rendered in html before the end body tag", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
422  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("query_engine", "", "Name of a dynamic web-page used to accept and drive queries in a browser", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
423  ConstraintSyntaxNewOptionList("reports", "all,audit,performance,all_locks,active_locks,hashes,classes,last_seen,monitor_now,monitor_history,monitor_summary,compliance,setuid,file_changes,installed_software,software_patches,value,variables", "A list of reports that may be generated", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
424  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("report_output", "csv,html,text,xml", "Menu option for generated output format. Applies only to text reports, graph data remain in xydy format.", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
425  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("style_sheet", "", "Name of a style-sheet to be used in rendering html output (added to headers)", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
426  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("time_stamps", CF_BOOL, "true/false whether to generate timestamps in the output directory name", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
428 };
432 {
433  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("build_directory", ".*", "The directory in which to generate output files", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
434  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("document_root", ".*", "The directory in which the web root resides", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
435  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("generate_manual", CF_BOOL, "true/false generate texinfo manual page skeleton for this version", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
436  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("graph_directory", CF_ABSPATHRANGE, "Path to directory where rendered .png files will be created", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
437  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("graph_output", CF_BOOL, "true/false generate png visualization of topic map if possible (requires lib)", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
438  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("html_banner", "", "HTML code for a banner to be added to rendered in html after the header", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
439  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("html_footer", "", "HTML code for a page footer to be added to rendered in html before the end body tag", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
440  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("id_prefix", ".*", "The LTM identifier prefix used to label topic maps (used for disambiguation in merging)", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
441  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("manual_source_directory", CF_ABSPATHRANGE, "Path to directory where raw text about manual topics is found (defaults to build_directory)", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
442  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("query_engine", "", "Name of a dynamic web-page used to accept and drive queries in a browser", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
443  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("query_output", "html,text", "Menu option for generated output format", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
444  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("sql_type", "mysql,postgres", "Menu option for supported database type", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
445  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("sql_database", "", "Name of database used for the topic map", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
446  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("sql_owner", "", "User id of sql database user", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
447  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("sql_passwd", "", "Embedded password for accessing sql database", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
448  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("sql_server", "", "Name or IP of database server (or localhost)", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
449  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("sql_connection_db", "", "The name of an existing database to connect to in order to create/manage other databases", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
450  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("style_sheet", "", "Name of a style-sheet to be used in rendering html output (added to headers)", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
451  ConstraintSyntaxNewOption("view_projections", CF_BOOL, "Perform view-projection analytics in graph generation", SYNTAX_STATUS_REMOVED),
453 };
456 /* This list is for checking free standing body lval => rval bindings */
459 {
472  // get others from modules e.g. "agent","files",CF_FILES_BODIES,
475 };
477 /*********************************************************/
478 /* */
479 /* Constraint values/types */
480 /* */
481 /*********************************************************/
483  /* This is where we place lval => rval bindings that
484  apply to more than one promise_type, e.g. generic
485  processing behavioural details */
488 {
489  ConstraintSyntaxNewBody("action", &action_body, "Output behaviour", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
490  ConstraintSyntaxNewBody("classes", &classes_body, "Signalling behaviour", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
491  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("comment", "", "A comment about this promise's real intention that follows through the program", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
492  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("depends_on", "","A list of promise handles that this promise builds on or depends on somehow (for knowledge management)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
493  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("handle", "", "A unique id-tag string for referring to this as a promisee elsewhere", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
494  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("ifvarclass", "", "Extended classes ANDed with context (alias for 'if')", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
495  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("if", "", "Extended classes ANDed with context", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
496  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("unless", "", "Negated 'if'", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
497  ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList("meta", "", "User-data associated with policy, e.g. key=value strings", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
498  ConstraintSyntaxNewString("with", "", "A string that will replace every instance of $(with)", SYNTAX_STATUS_NORMAL),
500 };
502  /* This is where we place promise promise_types that apply
503  to more than one type of bundle, e.g. agent,server.. */
506 {
515 };
517 /*********************************************************/
519 /*********************************************************/
521 /* Read in all parsable Bundle definitions */
522 /* REMEMBER TO REGISTER THESE IN cf3.extern.h */
525 {
526  CF_COMMON_PROMISE_TYPES, /* Add modules after this, mod_report.c is here */
527  CF_EXEC_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_exec.c */
528  CF_DATABASES_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_databases.c */
529  CF_ENVIRONMENT_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_environ.c */
530  CF_FILES_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_files.c */
531  CF_METHOD_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_methods.c */
532  CF_OUTPUTS_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_outputs.c */
533  CF_PACKAGES_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_packages.c */
534  CF_PROCESS_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_process.c */
535  CF_SERVICES_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_services.c */
536  CF_STORAGE_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_storage.c */
537  CF_REMACCESS_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_access.c */
538  CF_MEASUREMENT_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_measurement.c */
539  CF_KNOWLEDGE_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_knowledge.c */
540  CF_USERS_PROMISE_TYPES, /* mod_users.c */
541 };
543 const int CF3_MODULES = (sizeof(CF_ALL_PROMISE_TYPES) / sizeof(CF_ALL_PROMISE_TYPES[0]));
547 {
548  int i = 0;
549  for (const ConstraintSyntax *s = CFG_CONTROLBODY; s->lval; s++, i++)
550  {
551  if (strcmp(lval, s->lval) == 0)
552  {
553  return (CommonControl)i;
554  }
555  }
558 }
#define CF_BOOL
Definition: cf3.defs.h:555
Definition: cf3.defs.h:566
Definition: cf3.defs.h:583
#define CF_EXECC
Definition: cf3.defs.h:394
#define CF_AGENTC
Definition: cf3.defs.h:391
Definition: cf3.defs.h:415
Definition: cf3.defs.h:438
#define CF_RUNC
Definition: cf3.defs.h:395
#define CF_COMMONC
Definition: cf3.defs.h:390
#define CF_SERVERC
Definition: cf3.defs.h:392
#define CF_IDRANGE
Definition: cf3.defs.h:572
Definition: cf3.defs.h:563
Definition: cf3.defs.h:565
Definition: cf3.defs.h:638
Definition: cf3.defs.h:640
Definition: cf3.defs.h:639
Definition: cf3.defs.h:590
Definition: cf3.defs.h:385
#define CF_HUBC
Definition: cf3.defs.h:397
Definition: cf3.defs.h:393
#define CF_IPRANGE
Definition: cf3.defs.h:574
Definition: cf3.defs.h:562
DataType DataTypeFromString(const char *name)
Definition: conversion.c:318
#define CF_BUFSIZE
Definition: definitions.h:50
#define NULL
Definition: getopt1.c:56
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_REMACCESS_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_access.c:103
const ConstraintSyntax CF_COMMON_BODIES[]
Definition: mod_common.c:487
static const ConstraintSyntax classes_constraints[]
Definition: mod_common.c:104
Definition: mod_common.c:245
const ConstraintSyntax CFM_CONTROLBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:351
const ConstraintSyntax CF_DEFAULTSBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:208
const BodySyntax CONTROL_BODIES[]
Definition: mod_common.c:458
const ConstraintSyntax CFEX_CONTROLBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:376
Definition: mod_common.c:322
CommonControl CommonControlFromString(const char *lval)
Definition: mod_common.c:546
static const ConstraintSyntax action_constraints[]
Definition: mod_common.c:80
const ConstraintSyntax CFR_CONTROLBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:361
const ConstraintSyntax CF_CLASSBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:217
static bool VarsParseTreeCheck(const Promise *pp, Seq *errors)
Definition: mod_common.c:157
Definition: mod_common.c:55
static bool CheckIdentifierNotPurelyNumerical(const char *identifier)
Definition: mod_common.c:139
const ConstraintSyntax CFH_CONTROLBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:394
const ConstraintSyntax CFA_CONTROLBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:272
const ConstraintSyntax CF_METABODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:200
const int CF3_MODULES
Definition: mod_common.c:543
Definition: mod_common.c:49
Definition: mod_common.c:59
static const BodySyntax action_body
Definition: mod_common.c:102
static bool ClassesParseTreeCheck(const Promise *pp, Seq *errors)
Definition: mod_common.c:231
const PromiseTypeSyntax *const CF_ALL_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_common.c:524
Definition: mod_common.c:50
const ConstraintSyntax CFRE_CONTROLBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:412
const ConstraintSyntax CF_VARBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:126
static const BodySyntax classes_body
Definition: mod_common.c:124
static bool ActionCheck(const Body *body, Seq *errors)
Definition: mod_common.c:62
Definition: mod_common.c:57
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_COMMON_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_common.c:505
Definition: mod_common.c:52
const ConstraintSyntax CFK_CONTROLBODY[]
Definition: mod_common.c:431
const ConstraintSyntax file_control_constraints[]
Definition: mod_common.c:405
Definition: mod_common.h:57
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_DATABASES_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_databases.c:53
Definition: mod_environ.c:63
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_EXEC_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_exec.c:56
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_FILES_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_files.c:396
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_KNOWLEDGE_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_knowledge.c:90
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_METHOD_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_methods.c:90
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_OUTPUTS_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_outputs.c:36
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_PACKAGES_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_packages.c:96
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_PROCESS_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_process.c:79
const ConstraintSyntax CF_REPORT_BODIES[]
Definition: mod_report.c:39
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_SERVICES_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_services.c:50
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_STORAGE_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_storage.c:63
const PromiseTypeSyntax CF_USERS_PROMISE_TYPES[]
Definition: mod_users.c:54
bool BodyHasConstraint(const Body *body, const char *lval)
Definition: policy.c:2405
PolicyError * PolicyErrorNew(PolicyElementType type, const void *subject, const char *error_msg,...)
Definition: policy.c:1144
Definition: policy.h:39
Definition: policy.h:42
Definition: policy.h:41
size_t SeqLength(const Seq *seq)
Length of the sequence.
Definition: sequence.c:354
void SeqAppend(Seq *seq, void *item)
Append a new item to the Sequence.
Definition: sequence.c:104
static void * SeqAt(const Seq *seq, int i)
Definition: sequence.h:57
Definition: policy.h:85
const char * lval
Definition: cf3.defs.h:656
char * lval
Definition: policy.h:132
Seq * conlist
Definition: policy.h:117
char * promiser
Definition: policy.h:115
Sequence data-structure.
Definition: sequence.h:50
bool CheckParseVariableName(const char *const name)
Definition: syntax.c:827
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewContextList(lval, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:109
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewIntList(lval, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:103
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewReal(lval, real_range, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:105
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewOptionList(lval, item_range, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:96
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewContext(lval, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:108
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewBool(lval, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:93
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewInt(lval, int_range, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:101
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewOption(lval, options, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:95
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewBody(lval, body_syntax, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:113
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewNull()
Definition: syntax.h:92
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewString(lval, regex, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:98
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewRealList(lval, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:106
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewContainer(lval, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:111
#define PromiseTypeSyntaxNewNull()
Definition: syntax.h:120
#define ConstraintSyntaxNewStringList(lval, item_range, description, status)
Definition: syntax.h:99
Definition: syntax.h:125
#define BodySyntaxNew(body_type, constraints, check_fn, status)
Definition: syntax.h:116
#define PromiseTypeSyntaxNew(agent_type, promise_type, constraints, check_fn, status)
Definition: syntax.h:119
#define BodySyntaxNewNull()
Definition: syntax.h:117