calcurse  4.5.1
About: calcurse is a text-based calendar and scheduling application.
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ui-day.c File Reference
#include "calcurse.h"
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#define LTIME   17


static void set_slctd_day (void)
struct day_itemui_day_get_sel (void)
void ui_day_find_sel (void)
time_t ui_day_sel_date (void)
static void daybegin (int dir)
static time_t day_edit_time (time_t start, long duration, int move)
static void update_start_time (time_t *start, long *dur, int move)
static void update_duration (time_t *start, long *dur)
static void update_desc (char **desc)
static int update_exc (llist_t *exc)
static void update_rept (struct rpt **rpt, const time_t start, llist_t *exc)
void ui_day_item_edit (void)
void ui_day_item_pipe (void)
void ui_day_item_add (void)
void ui_day_item_delete (unsigned reg)
void ui_day_item_repeat (void)
void ui_day_item_cut_free (unsigned reg)
void ui_day_item_copy (unsigned reg)
void ui_day_item_paste (unsigned reg)
void ui_day_load_items (void)
void ui_day_sel_reset (void)
int ui_day_sel_move (int delta)
void ui_day_sel_daybegin (int n)
void ui_day_sel_dayend (void)
static char * fmt_day_heading (time_t date)
void ui_day_draw (int n, WINDOW *win, int y, int hilt, void *cb_data)
enum listbox_row_type ui_day_row_type (int n, void *cb_data)
int ui_day_height (int n, void *cb_data)
void ui_day_update_panel (int hilt)
void ui_day_popup_item (void)
void ui_day_flag (void)
void ui_day_view_note (void)
void ui_day_edit_note (void)


struct day_item day_cut [38] = { {0, 0, 0, {NULL}} }

Macro Definition Documentation


#define LTIME   17

Function Documentation

◆ day_edit_time()

static time_t day_edit_time ( time_t  start,
long  duration,
int  move 

◆ daybegin()

static void daybegin ( int  dir)

◆ fmt_day_heading()

static char* fmt_day_heading ( time_t  date)

Definition at line 1120 of file ui-day.c.

References conf::day_heading, string_buf(), string_catftime(), and string_init().

Referenced by ui_day_draw().

◆ set_slctd_day()

static void set_slctd_day ( void  )

◆ ui_day_draw()

◆ ui_day_edit_note()

void ui_day_edit_note ( void  )

◆ ui_day_find_sel()

void ui_day_find_sel ( void  )

Definition at line 65 of file ui-day.c.

References day_sel_index(), lb_apt, listbox_set_sel(), and set_slctd_day().

Referenced by do_storage().

◆ ui_day_flag()

void ui_day_flag ( void  )

◆ ui_day_get_sel()

◆ ui_day_height()

int ui_day_height ( int  n,
void *  cb_data 

◆ ui_day_item_add()

◆ ui_day_item_copy()

void ui_day_item_copy ( unsigned  reg)

◆ ui_day_item_cut_free()

void ui_day_item_cut_free ( unsigned  reg)

◆ ui_day_item_delete()

◆ ui_day_item_edit()

◆ ui_day_item_paste()

◆ ui_day_item_pipe()

◆ ui_day_item_repeat()

◆ ui_day_load_items()

void ui_day_load_items ( void  )

Definition at line 1063 of file ui-day.c.

References day_item_count(), lb_apt, and listbox_load_items().

Referenced by do_storage(), and wins_init_panels().

◆ ui_day_popup_item()

void ui_day_popup_item ( void  )

Definition at line 1198 of file ui-day.c.

References day_item_count(), day_popup_item(), day_item::item, and ui_day_get_sel().

Referenced by key_view_item().

◆ ui_day_row_type()

enum listbox_row_type ui_day_row_type ( int  n,
void *  cb_data 

◆ ui_day_sel_date()

time_t ui_day_sel_date ( void  )

◆ ui_day_sel_daybegin()

void ui_day_sel_daybegin ( int  n)

Definition at line 1093 of file ui-day.c.

References daybegin().

Referenced by key_move_down().

◆ ui_day_sel_dayend()

void ui_day_sel_dayend ( void  )

◆ ui_day_sel_move()

int ui_day_sel_move ( int  delta)

◆ ui_day_sel_reset()

void ui_day_sel_reset ( void  )

Definition at line 1068 of file ui-day.c.

References listbox::item_sel, lb_apt, listbox_item_in_view(), listbox_set_sel(), and set_slctd_day().

Referenced by do_storage().

◆ ui_day_update_panel()

void ui_day_update_panel ( int  hilt)

Definition at line 1193 of file ui-day.c.

References lb_apt, and listbox_display().

Referenced by wins_update_panels().

◆ ui_day_view_note()

void ui_day_view_note ( void  )

Definition at line 1217 of file ui-day.c.

References day_item_count(), day_view_note(), day_item::item, conf::pager, and ui_day_get_sel().

Referenced by key_view_note().

◆ update_desc()

static void update_desc ( char **  desc)

Definition at line 269 of file ui-day.c.

References _, STA, status_mesg(), and updatestring().

Referenced by ui_day_item_edit().

◆ update_duration()

◆ update_exc()

static int update_exc ( llist_t exc)

◆ update_rept()

◆ update_start_time()

static void update_start_time ( time_t *  start,
long *  dur,
int  move 

Definition at line 169 of file ui-day.c.

References _, day_edit_time(), KEY, keys_wgetch(), day_item::start, and status_mesg().

Referenced by ui_day_item_edit().

Variable Documentation

◆ day_cut

struct day_item day_cut[38] = { {0, 0, 0, {NULL}} }