About: Calamaris generates statistic out of log files from Squid, NetCache and relatives (V3-beta-Version).
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Calamaris Version 3

What is it?

Calamaris is a Perl script, which was first intended as demo for a statistical software for Squid. I started it at 13 January 1997 (Version 1.1) as a rewrite of my old Squid-Analysis-Script (which was in German language). I announced it (Version 1.16) to the public at 28 Feb 1997. (see for the Original-Announcement) Since then it is used by people all around the world, and i decided to build a new improved version of it. Calamaris V2 was a nearly complete rewrite, with changed and more reports.

2004 Michael Pophal send me a jumbo-patch against Calamaris 2.59, which adds two more reports, and the long wanted graphics to make your mangle^H^H^Hagement happy.

Which software can produce Calamaris-parseable Log-files?

Where to get Calamaris?

The Calamaris-Home-page is located at The Development-Repository is at

There is also an Announcement-Mailing-list. To subscribe send mail with 'subscribe your@mail.adr.ess' in the Mail-Body to Subscribers will get a mail on every new release, including a list of the changes. --> low traffic.

Philipp Frauenfelder has build a Debian Package, which can be found via .

There is a port for FreeBSD, which can be found at .

A package for NetBSD is here:

rpms are also available from various people. You can search for them via .

Is there anything else?

Ernst Heiri has build a spin-off of my Calamaris V1, which can be found where?

There is also a C++-port of Ernst Heiri's Calamaris available. It is (according to the author Jens-S. Voeckler five times faster than the Perl-variant. check for this.

more Squid-logfile-Analysers can be found via the Squid-Home-page at

Thank You!

  • The developers and contributors of Squid.
  • The developers and contributors of Perl.
  • The contributors, feature requesters and bug-reporters of Calamaris.
  • Gerold 'Nimm Perl' Meerkoetter.
  • Massimo Carnevali
  • Michael Pophal

Not happy yet?

Drop me a line to and tell me what is missing or wrong or not clear or whatever. You are welcome (especially if you read this file that far :-)

Version of the README

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