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event.h File Reference
#include <isc/lang.h>
#include <isc/types.h>
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Data Structures

struct  isc_event


#define ISC_EVENT_COMMON(ltype)
#define ISC_EVENTATTR_NOPURGE   0x00000001
#define ISC_EVENTATTR_CANCELED   0x00000002
#define ISC_EVENT_INIT(event, sz, at, ta, ty, ac, ar, sn, df, da)
#define ISC_EVENTTYPE_FIRSTEVENT   0x00000000
#define ISC_EVENTTYPE_LASTEVENT   0xffffffff
#define ISC_EVENT_PTR(p)   ((isc_event_t **)(void *)(p))


typedef void(* isc_eventdestructor_t) (isc_event_t *)


ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS isc_event_tisc_event_allocate (isc_mem_t *mctx, void *sender, isc_eventtype_t type, isc_taskaction_t action, void *arg, size_t size)
isc_event_tisc_event_constallocate (isc_mem_t *mctx, void *sender, isc_eventtype_t type, isc_taskaction_t action, const void *arg, size_t size)
void isc_event_free (isc_event_t **)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ISC_EVENT_COMMON (   ltype)
size_t ev_size; \
unsigned int ev_attributes; \
void * ev_tag; \
isc_eventtype_t ev_type; \
isc_taskaction_t ev_action; \
void * ev_arg; \
void * ev_sender; \
isc_eventdestructor_t ev_destroy; \
void * ev_destroy_arg; \
ISC_LINK(ltype) ev_link; \
ISC_LINK(ltype) ev_ratelink

Definition at line 26 of file event.h.


#define ISC_EVENT_INIT (   event,
do { \
(event)->ev_size = (sz); \
(event)->ev_attributes = (at); \
(event)->ev_tag = (ta); \
(event)->ev_type = (ty); \
(event)->ev_action = (ac); \
(event)->ev_arg = (ar); \
(event)->ev_sender = (sn); \
(event)->ev_destroy = (df); \
(event)->ev_destroy_arg = (da); \
ISC_LINK_INIT((event), ev_link); \
ISC_LINK_INIT((event), ev_ratelink); \
} while (0)

Definition at line 55 of file event.h.


#define ISC_EVENT_PTR (   p)    ((isc_event_t **)(void *)(p))

Definition at line 81 of file event.h.


#define ISC_EVENTATTR_CANCELED   0x00000002

Definition at line 53 of file event.h.


#define ISC_EVENTATTR_NOPURGE   0x00000001

Definition at line 44 of file event.h.


#define ISC_EVENTTYPE_FIRSTEVENT   0x00000000

Definition at line 78 of file event.h.


#define ISC_EVENTTYPE_LASTEVENT   0xffffffff

Definition at line 79 of file event.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ isc_eventdestructor_t

typedef void(* isc_eventdestructor_t) (isc_event_t *)


Definition at line 24 of file event.h.

Function Documentation

◆ isc_event_allocate()

◆ isc_event_constallocate()

isc_event_t* isc_event_constallocate ( isc_mem_t mctx,
void *  sender,
isc_eventtype_t  type,
isc_taskaction_t  action,
const void *  arg,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 54 of file event.c.

References arg, DE_CONST, destroy(), ISC_EVENT_INIT, isc_mem_get, mctx, REQUIRE, and sender.

◆ isc_event_free()

void isc_event_free ( isc_event_t **  eventp)

Definition at line 88 of file event.c.

References isc_event::ev_destroy, ISC_LINK_LINKED, and REQUIRE.

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