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About: BEYE (Binary EYE) is a portable, advanced viewer of binary files with built-in editor for binary, hexadecimal and disassembler modes (project name was changed from BIEW into BEYE).
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BIEW [Binary vIEW documentation]

This manual documents internal architecture of BIEW and development notes. Main goal of this document is to tell you how to expand possibility of project and help you to understand it. This manual is written with the assumption that you are familiar with the C programming language and basic programming concepts.


BIEW is a modular project, based on plugins-addons technology. Any new plugin and addon can be easily added to the project, as well as removed from the project. As interaction facility with OS and computer, BIEW uses own library named biewlib. There are two reasons of birth and existance of biewlib:

  • Project was born in 16-bit DOS environment with poor development kit
  • Portability to non-POSIX systems