avidemux  2.7.1
About: Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types and tasks can be automated for e.g. using scripting capabilities.
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Avidemux Scripting


Avidemux uses the QtScript scripting engine to provide scripting support for the ECMAScript language.

This allows users to execute scripts that query and control the Avidemux environment. Scripts can either be written by the user or generated by Avidemux. The QtScript Debugger allows users to inspect the state of the script environment and control script execution.


This reference guide is intended for users that are familiar with scripting languages. For more information on the ECMAScript language, refer to the ECMA-262 standard.

Creating a Script

The easiest way to create a script is to:

  1. Open a video in Avidemux
  2. Set the desired encoders and filters, etc
  3. Choose the QtScript Project -> Save As Project menu item from the File menu

Alternatively, scripts can also be manually written. Refer to the Classes, Examples and Modules sections for more information on appropriate script syntax. Scripts designed for the QtScript scripting engine should be given an admjs file extension.

Running a Script

Scripts can be executed through the Avidemux user interface by choosing the QtScript Project -> Run Project menu item from the File menu. Scripts can also be executed on start-up of Avidemux by specifying the run parameter along with the path of the script to run. Note: Dialog related commands will be ignored when using the command line interface (avidemux_cli.exe or avidemux3_cli).

Example usage of the run parameter on Windows:

avidemux.exe --run "C:\admScripts\test.admjs"
avidemux_cli.exe --run "C:\admScripts\test.admjs"

Debugging a Script

The QtScript Debugger can be started by choosing the QtScript Project -> Debug Project menu item from the File menu. Refer to the Qt Script Debugger manual for an overview of the debugger interface and console commands.

Core Script Classes

Most of Avidemux's functionality for inspecting and manipulating video is exposed by the Editor object. The Directory, File and FileInformation classes provide basic file and directory support. The Dialog and Control classes provide the functionality to display custom dialog boxes.