autofs  5.1.8
About: Autofs is a kernel-based automounter for Linux. See also for e.g. Gentoo’s AutoFS page.
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autofs is a kernel-based automounter for Linux. autofs is used to
automatically mount filesystems on demand. After a period of inactivity
set by a predefined timeout value, the auto-mounts will be unmounted.
autofs allows one to provide centrally-managed, consistent file path
names for users and applications, even in large, frequently changing

To build autofs, please run:


To discover available configure options, please run:

	./configure --help

After configuring, you can:

	make		... make the daemon and modules
	make install	... install the daemon and modules

Development kernels 2.3.41 and onwards contain the autofs4 as
standard.  If you're using 2.2, you can apply the patch in
the patches directory; it was made from 2.2.14, but it should
work on 2.2.10 onwards. Patches related to extensions written
by Ian Kent are also in the patches directory. See README.ghosting
for a description of the kernel patches.

If you use autofs as a module, you need to add "alias autofs4 autofs"
to your modules config file (/etc/modules.conf or /etc/conf.modules).

autofs was written by H. Peter Anvin of Transmeta Corporation, please
read the COPYRIGHT file. autofs 4 is the result of Jeremy
Fitzhardinge's <> work on autofs 3. Further enhancements
have been made by Ian Kent <>.

If you use or want to help develop autofs, please join the autofs
mailing list by sending an email to:

With the body text:

	subscribe autofs

Once subscribed you can send patches to: