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add.h File Reference
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struct  add_susp_struct


typedef struct add_susp_struct add_susp_node
typedef struct add_susp_structadd_susp_type


sound_type snd_make_add (sound_type s1, sound_type s2)
sound_type snd_add (sound_type s1, sound_type s2)
void add_zero_fill_nn_fetch (snd_susp_type, snd_list_type)
void add_s1_s2_nn_fetch (snd_susp_type, snd_list_type)
void add_s1_nn_fetch (snd_susp_type, snd_list_type)
void add_s2_nn_fetch (snd_susp_type, snd_list_type)
void add_mark (snd_susp_type susp)
void add_print_tree (snd_susp_type susp, int n)
void add_free (snd_susp_type susp)

Typedef Documentation

◆ add_susp_node

◆ add_susp_type

typedef struct add_susp_struct * add_susp_type

Function Documentation

◆ add_free()

void add_free ( snd_susp_type  susp)

Definition at line 784 of file add.c.

References ffree_generic, add_susp_struct::s1, add_susp_struct::s2, and sound_unref().

Referenced by multiseq_convert(), and snd_make_add().

◆ add_mark()

void add_mark ( snd_susp_type  susp)

◆ add_print_tree()

◆ add_s1_nn_fetch()

◆ add_s1_s2_nn_fetch()

◆ add_s2_nn_fetch()

◆ add_zero_fill_nn_fetch()

◆ snd_add()

sound_type snd_add ( sound_type  s1,
sound_type  s2 

Definition at line 901 of file add.c.

References snd_make_add(), and sound_copy().

Referenced by xlc_snd_add().

◆ snd_make_add()