apt  2.2.4
About: Apt (Advanced Package Tool) is a management system for software packages (Debian/Ubuntu). Release series 2.2.
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Todo List
Module acquire
Acquire supports inserting an object into several queues at once, but it is not clear what its behavior in this case is, and no subclass of pkgAcquire::Item seems to actually use this capability.
Member DpkgChrootDirectory ()
Class pkgAcqIndex
Why does pkgAcqIndex have protected members?
Member pkgAcqIndexDiffs::available_patches
These are indexed by sha1sum; why not use some sort of dictionary instead of relying on ordering and stripping them off the front?
Class pkgAcqMetaSig
Why protected members?
Class pkgAcquire

Like everything else in the Acquire system, this has way too many protected items.

Why all the protected data items and methods?

Why so many protected values?

Member pkgAcquire::Access
Doesn't this duplicate Config->Access?
Member pkgAcquire::Bump ()
Why both this and Cycle()? Are they expected to be different someday?
Member pkgAcquire::Configs
why a hand-managed config dictionary instead of std::map?
Member pkgAcquire::InReady
Is this right? It's a guess.
Member pkgAcquire::Items
why a by-hand list instead of an STL structure?
Member pkgAcquire::ItemStart (QItem *Itm, unsigned long long Size)
Unimplemented. Implement it or remove?
Member pkgAcquire::Next
Why not an STL container?
Member pkgAcquire::NextQueue
This is always NULL; is it just for future use?
Member pkgAcquire::OutQueue
Wouldn't a std::dequeue be more appropriate?
Member pkgAcquire::OutReady
Is this right?
Member pkgAcquire::Queues
why a hand-managed list of queues instead of std::list or std::set?
Member pkgAcquire::RunMessages ()
Several message types lack separate handlers.
Member pkgAcquire::Workers

This is plural because support exists in Queue for multiple workers. However, it does not appear that there is any way to actually associate more than one worker with a queue.

Why not just use a std::set?

why a hand-managed list of workers instead of std::list or std::set?

Class pkgAcquireStatus
Why protected members?
Member pkgAcquireStatus::MediaChange (std::string Media, std::string Drive)=0
This is a horrible blocking monster; it should be CPSed with prejudice.
Member pkgCache< Str, Itr >::DescFile::Size
document pkgCache::DescFile::Size
Member pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Description::FileList
document pkgCache::Description::FileList
Member pkgCache< Str, Itr >::PackageFile::Flags
document PackageFile::Flags
Member pkgCache< Str, Itr >::PackageFile::IndexType
enumerate at least the possible indexes
Member pkgCache< Str, Itr >::ReleaseFile::Flags
document PackageFile::Flags
Member pkgCache< Str, Itr >::VerFile::Size
document pkgCache::VerFile::Size
Member pkgDepCache::GetRootSetFunc ()
Is this the best place for this function? Perhaps the settings for mark-and-sweep should be stored in a single external class?